God, The Devil And Evil Spirits

There was disease even before there was the germ theory.

You can't visually see the magnetic field but you know it's there and it's important. If it were not for the earth's magnetic field, there would be no atmosphere, no life. Earth would be Mars.

You have a body, whether you believe you do or not. By now the mind's existence is also pretty well established. The mind, as opposed to the brain. The brain is body. The mind is associated with your brain but it is not body. You attend a therapy session and the conversational back and forth helps you. Both you and the therapist are recognizing the existence of the mind. The mind exists whether you believe it does or not.

The Buddha laid out a great roadmap for your mind thousands of years ago. Meditation is working out for the mind. Yoga traverses both mind and body. It is claimed both touch body, mind and soul, when done right. Some long distance runners claim they achieve meditation levels when they run long enough.

Meditation is at the level of the mind. Prayer is at the level of the soul. Summoning The Spirit is cutting edge. It is future Prayer.

The germ theory established the physicality of disease but there are still people trying to figure out if the soul exists or not. The truth is the soul is the true existence. Your soul is unique in the history and future of time. Your body dies at death. Your soul can seek Everlasting Life. Which is more real? Your body or your soul?

There are angels, there are evil spirits. Those with the powers can spot evil spirits like bad odor. Evil spirits can be riding around on people and people not even knowing. If you only understand germs, the evil spirits are as real as germs.

But just like a strong immune system keeps the germs at bay, your best bet with the evil spirits is to choose to build a strong spiritual immune system.

You face the reality of your soul and its uniqueness, you see God as the Creator of all things in Heaven and on earth, you accept Jesus as your Personal Savior and secure Everlasting Life for yourself, you pray to God, you join a community of prayer. And you will have a strong spiritual immune system.

The Devil is not to be underestimated. There is a need for eternal vigilance. Cultural diversity is God's creation. Racism is The Devil's handiwork. Jesus, as God, was and is about love, kindness and forgiveness. The Anti Christ says the second coming of Jesus will be Armageddon and manages to put those words in The Bible itself, of all places. Unless humanity collectively attains the highest levels of spiritual health, I don't see how it can put advances in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering to correct use and end up with a 10,000 trillion dollar global economy. Without that collective spiritual health, your making advances in technology only gives The Devil tools with which to play. The Devil aims for utter destruction, but even in failing in the Grand Goal, it can prevent good things from happening, and can bring about major frustration.

The body. The mind. The heart with which you love, not the physical heart, rests somewhere between the mind and the soul. The soul.

God. Heaven. Earth.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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