How Many Laws Of Gravity?

How many laws of gravity are there? One per culture? There is only one, and Einstein refined it further.

God is way more fundamental, way more important than gravity. Gravity is just one feature of the universe He created.

But we don't allow for one law of gravity per culture, or per continent. On gravity we seem to think what is right is right.

On God, though, we sometimes think to each his or her own, as if God were a fashion statement.

You are not to love human beings because they subscribe to this or that belief. To love God, and to love one another is a message to love all humanity. There is no litmus test you have to first take them through. Peace and harmony, kindness and attention is for all human beings.

Human beings have human rights because they are born as human beings, not because they subscribe to this or that belief.

You don't claim to understand Einstein's theory of relativity, maybe you should have the humility to admit you don't fully understand God and His ways, and never will. And it is with that humility that you have to approach the various religious traditions. Don't be dismissive as if you know and they don't. Stay in conversation. Attempt peace and harmony.

Moving from saying there are five elements in the universe to the Periodic Chart is forward progress. We don't have them co-exist as equally valid. We don't have them co-exist as a matter of humility.

Once you get the larger framework right, and respect the peaceful coexistence of all religions, and that all human beings are born with their human rights, once you get those political and social aspects right, once you exhibit human beings are legitimate recipients of kindness and attention just for being human beings, then that opens up space for dialogue and discourse. The search for The Truth begins in earnest. But even there the attempt has to be of respectful dialogue.

Respectful dialogue is always making the other party feel you heard them. Respectful dialogue is agreeing to disagree without lingering resentments.

Then you search.

For me there is The Truth. There are four elements to The Truth. Of the four elements the most important by a wide margin is that there is a God. Actually the other three elements simply flow from it. And that is why I am for actively seeking peace, harmony and coexistence with every religion that so much as mentions God. To me this is not human rights, this is religion.

But then who is that God? What is that God?

I believe there is but one God, there always has been but one God. God is beyond space and time, but God is everywhere in space and time. God is the Creator of all things Heaven and earth. God is loving, kind and forgiving. There is nothing any human being could do that God will not forgive. God is so very forgiving He will always, always, always give you a fresh start. Just ask.

Which means, if you say there are two Gods, I will say that is not so. If you say God loves you when you do good things, but punishes you when you do bad things, and there is book keeping, I will say that is not so. He is forgiving, always eager to give you a fresh start. If you say God might have put the universe in motion, but He has not been around after that start, I would disagree. God has the power to bend any element of reality at will. God is the Eternal Being. He can be an old man, but He is not an old man. His old man image is the message that He is loving, kind, forgiving. God is not male or female, God is God.

The ancients saw a God in air, another God in water, a third in fire, and so on. Show some compassion. If God is everywhere, of course God is all those places. But God is one.

The second element of The Truth is that there is a Heaven. And God wants all of you in Heaven. He has tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get to Heaven.

The third element of The Truth is that your soul is unique in the history and future of time. As in you don't have a soul like you have a limb. From your particular viewpoint this is perhaps the most important element of The Truth. Because if your soul is not unique, but is like water in a bucket, any water would do for any bucket, then maybe one priest can be entrusted with the task of making sure all water in every bucket makes it to Heaven, for a fee. It does not work that way.

A soul is different from a heart which is different from a mind which is different from a body, although all four are closely related. But if you only had a body, a heart and a mind, you might not have to worry about God or Heaven. For only your soul goes to Heaven, although your mind and heart are not physical either.

The fourth element of The Truth is that you do not end at death, because your soul is who you really, truly are, and that soul does not die. In fact, if your soul goes to Heaven after "death," you become more alive and more happy than you ever thought possible on earth.

Once you realize that, you have conquered death. No ruler in history ever managed a bigger conquest. When you conquer death, you manage a conquest bigger than anything Alexander or Napoleon and the likes of them might have ever managed. It is a big deal.

I am pretty adamant about these four elements of The Truth. I feel like I have the Periodic Chart Of Elements, and if I feel like you have the five elements theory, I am going to call you out on it, for you might be standing in the way of God and a segment of humanity. But any resultant dialogue will be within the milieu of peace and harmony, love and kindness. For you are God's child, whether or not you believe God exists, whether or not you have come around to the four elements of The Truth.

Newton was British, but his law of gravity is not discarded by the non British. Also, that law works. That is how they go to the moon and to Pluto.

But Newton's was a career achievement. He worked towards it. He might have been born gifted. But his worth is in the work. His equations have stood the test of time.

It is amazing how all four elements of The Truth come together beautifully in the person of Jesus Christ. When you accept Jesus as your Personal Savior, you are saying you believe in God, that there is a Heaven, that your soul is unique in the history and future of time, and that is why you have to do it yourself, it has to be a personal decision on your part, it is a deeply personal relationship. You can not do it on behalf of your family, or your village. This detail is pretty important. It exposes much spiritual corruption in many religious traditions.

If God is much bigger than gravity, it matters even less that Jesus was born a Jew. The precise reason all four elements of The Truth come together beautifully in the person of Jesus Christ is because he was born Son Of God. Newton's work was a career achievement, but the life and message of Jesus Christ was not a career achievement. He was born that way. The four elements of The Truth come together in his person by design, by God's design.

If you can get to the four elements of The Truth without knowing anything about Jesus, go for it. But how will you?

Jesus was the son of God. To not believe that is to not believe in God himself. And there are no competing claims. No other historic figure has made that claim.

The proof of Newton's law of gravity is in the pudding. You can't go to the moon if you don't use his equations. Christ is even more concrete. It was Jesus Christ who created the person on earth. Someone who has not conquered death is not even a person. Someone who has not come to realize his/her soul is unique in the history and future of time is not even a person. And without that person no complex political, social, economic, artistic, scientific process is even possible.

One has to understand The Devil and its nature at the same time. Often times people walk away from God as if there is some kind of neutral territory they will stand on while they figure out this God thing. Often they do that because they got brushed the wrong way by this or that religion.

No such neutral territory exists.

Some step back and become "spiritual," and are still with God. Others go sit in The Devil's lap and don't even realize. Because The Devil prefers it that way. The Devil is for real. It exists.

Organized religions do have a tendency to rote learn The Truth and mindlessly repeat it. The Truth is timeless, but individual and collective circumstances keep changing. Religions should work to keep up with the changes. The work is to strive to translate The Truth to the changing circumstances.

You could comb through history and pin down evil on many of its pages. Evil exists.

Belief in God is not just about the afterlife. God is about here and now. Human civilization needs a spiritual centeredness if it is to truly see the riches.

Of the body, the mind, the heart, the soul, the most permanent is the soul. But people act the opposite, as if the body is real, but the soul is just an opinion.

God created all reality. God is the biggest part of reality. But there are people who ask for evidence. Show me proof that God exists, they say. Why don't you ask for proof that The Devil exists before you go sit in The Devil's lap?

People often confuse the mind with the soul, since neither are physical perhaps. Meditation and therapy are about the mind. Culture and languages are about the mind.

There is a lot of resistance to the person and message of Jesus Christ in some parts of the world because he is thought to represent another culture. But Jesus is not about the mind. Culture is at the mind level. Jesus is about the soul. There is but one God, and Jesus was the Son of God. God so loved humanity that He gave humanity Jesus. Jesus is the simplest, most concrete bridge to Heaven. So simple, so concrete, anything simpler and more concrete is not possible.

Just like you can have opinions on gravity, its all covered by free speech, you can have opinions about God, the soul, Heaven and Hell, but maybe there is The Truth, and it has concrete consequences just like the law of gravity. One takes you to the moon, The Truth takes you to Heaven. Do you really want to miss out? If you don't do your calculations like Newton suggested, you don't go to the moon. God knows where you will end up.

You trust Newton (who trusted God deeply) but you don't trust God. Is that it?

If the idea is to fathom God, who knows more? You or God? What do you think? Jesus was God's idea. Jesus is the force of gravity itself writing the law of gravity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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