In Heaven There Is No Religion

In Heaven there is no religion. In a place where the issue is not if you do or do not believe in God, but there is direct knowledge of God, there is no religion. Isn't that amazing?

Can you try and move from belief to knowledge? Can you get all your questions answered? Can you articulate all your questions? Can you open your heart and love so much? That you move from belief to knowledge? Right here on earth?

Love all humanity, not only as a matter of goodwill, not out of charity, but because humanity is a chain, only as strong as its weakest link. You all are in it together, quite literally. In attempts to love all humanity lies the opportunity to open up your heart just a little more. So you may move from belief to knowledge of God.

God lives with the poor, with the downtrodden, the oppressed, the rejected, the lost, the forgotten, the wronged, go live with them, you just might be so lucky to come face to face with God. And then you will have knowledge. And if you do, there is no more doubting, there is only deepening of faith.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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