Jesus Christ’s Obedience To The Father

It is noted Jesus Christ showed total obedience to the Holy Father, his Father in Heaven, all the way to going to hang on the cross. He made the ultimate sacrifice in human form because, well, Thy Will Be Done.

It should be noted the Holy Father, Vishnu in the Hindu nomenclature, when he came to earth as Rama 5,000 years before Jesus, showed total obedience to his earthly father, King Dasharath, a human being. Rama went to live in the jungle for 13 years because that is what the father's command was, so he read the situation to be.

God as Rama put the family firmly into the Indian psyche. The effects are felt to this day.

Jesus has to be understood in the cultural context he was in. Rama similarly has to be understood in his cultural context. But the messages from both are universal. But to truly understand the two sets of messages you have to get to know both in their cultural contexts.

Rama created the family. Jesus created the person on earth. In getting to know both intimately you will develop a healthy respect for cultural diversity. That is the intention. Neither had that name in Heaven. But they do take worship in their human forms.

The Holy Father exhibited total obedience to an earthly father 5,000 years before the Holy Son exhibited total obedience to his Heavenly Father. Look at the Father's love for the Son. He did it himself first.

I am not even sure obedience is the word. It was an act of love, an act of divine knowledge, an act of divine duty. Jesus understood why he was doing it, he knew he was not really dying but was rather conquering death itself.

Our Father in Heaven, the eternal being, is a God of infinite love.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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