Jesus is not the only path to Heaven. There are other ways possible, but you do have to know there is a Heaven, more real than earth.

Other ways are possible, but you tried, and you floundered, and you sowed major confusion through your many attempts. And so God, the Holy Father, out of immense love, gave you Jesus.

Jesus is the easiest, surest, clearest, most concrete path to Heaven. In accepting Jesus as your Personal Savior, you are taking to your heart some undeniable truths, that there is a God, that there is a Heaven, that you have a soul, that that soul is unique in the history and future of time, that Jesus was both man and God. God is beyond space and time, so yes, God is formless. But God being God, with God all things are possible. God can take form if He wants to, don't you think?

In accepting Jesus as your Personal Savior, you are saying no to spiritual corruption on earth, you are saying no to things like Hereditary Bramhinism, you are facing the fact that although you can be assisted, and spiritual workers and communities of prayer can be a big help, no one can stand in for you. Your connection with God can only be direct. And that truth creates The Person on earth without which democracy is not possible, for democracy is one person one vote. Accepting the uniqueness of the soul is the spiritual truth that is the foundation for the political concept of human equality. All human beings are equal. Any other suggestion is deviation.

The Truth has concrete earthly implications. The Truth has beauty beyond the laws of physics. The Truth is indispensable to creating higher forms of human organization. The Truth is indispensable to creating good and plenty. The Truth is joy.

Jesus can be thought of as technology, almost. If the idea is to take your soul to Heaven, Jesus is the jet engine to all previous steam engines and even plain firewood. Only Jesus is timeless.

Jesus can be thought of as science, almost. Newton codified the law of gravity, and it is now taught everywhere. He is not limited for being born British. Only gravity is of this universe.

Jesus was both man and God, like the wave particle duality in quantum physics, only both wave and particle are of this universe.

Some people struggle with Jesus. Could Jesus have happened? Can anyone touch and cure people? Let me ask you, what if it happened? Would it be amazing? It is hard to believe, but it would be amazing if true. Jesus was on earth. Heaven is in Heaven, Heaven is not on earth. Heaven is indescribably amazing. Jesus is a glimpse.

Not every opinion is valid, even science tells you that, and God is above science. That there is no God, that there is no Heaven, that you might have a soul, but it is not unique, those are opinions, but they are as valid as the earth being flat.

The Devil is a force, it exists, and it counts on your getting confused, and it swims in the pond of your free will. It also would like to get worshipped. It tempts you when it can. Evil opinions and acts are not only invalid but also wrong. And they have to be countered as false and wrong.

But there is forgiveness for when you might falter. Free will is a gift to you from God, and hence forgiveness comes with it. God is aware you might flounder.

Jesus is not specific to this or that culture, although he can fit into every culture. Accepting Jesus is not to do away with cultural diversity, for cultural diversity is God's creation, it is valid and natural and to be celebrated. Jesus is not even tied to a particular organized religion. It is okay to portray Jesus as a black guy, or a white guy, and everything in between, for Jesus had no race. Jesus can be tied to one religion as much as God can be tied to one religion.

Cultural diversity is God's creation, as natural as fingerprints and snowflakes, and it is good. Racism is The Devil's handiwork, and it is evil. Racism is sin, like theft is sin, assault is sin.

It is possible to create 10 peacefully coexisting organized religions around The Truth, but even if there is but only one organized religion remaining standing, and if it has walked away from The Truth then it is no religion at all.

It is important to establish the democratic process everywhere. That is one person one vote one voice 24/7 local to global. There are earthly decisions that the democratic process should take.

All branches of knowledge are God's creation and new branches of knowledge will inevitably form. And they have their own ways of academic rigor. And that has to be respected and celebrated, for The Creation is the miracle and it has to be relished.

Wealth creation by now has attained the same level as prayer, for wealth creation necessarily involves the full blossoming of your God given mental faculties. And it involves your working together. Humanity is to be taken to an age of abundance. We are to have a 10,000 trillion dollar global economy before the year 2500. We are to work to that end from the current starting point of 60 trillion.

Summoning The Spirit is cutting edge. It is the future of prayer. It is like saying, I tried but words fail, O Lord, please send The Holy Spirit to be with me, to be with me here on earth. I know you will be with me in Heaven, but I also want you here with me on earth, everywhere and always.

Heaven On Earth, by the way, is figurative language. It is not possible to create Heaven on earth. Heaven is fundamentally different from earth. But in trying to create Heaven on earth may we turn more, most, if not all souls towards Heaven.

Whether or not Heaven On Earth is possible we will find out for sure after every single human being sits down for an hour at the same time to Summon The Spirit, perhaps on the first day of the year. Some might choose to sit for longer. It might be possible. That is more than seven billion souls summoning the spirit at once.

God is more amazing than people who believe in God think He is.

Holy Father. My Father In Heaven. I offer you my prayer. Please offer me your guidance.

Make sure you are destined for Heaven, but also work to create Heaven On Earth. Pray. Forgive. Create. Congregate.

Just like you speak words to pray to God, try the same for forgiveness. Speak kind words to people you forgive and feel the power. Speak the forgiveness.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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