Jesus : The Lost Years

If Jesus died in the year 36, that would make him 42 years of age.

But in the Bible he disappears at the age of 12 and then appears again for the final three years of ministry. The child Jesus is described as a scholar gifted beyond his years.

It is hard to imagine someone that hungry for knowledge spent 30 years as a carpenter in his small town. It makes tremendous sense that he spent some time in India. The Buddhists claim The Buddha prophesied someone like Jesus would come "500 years from now."

It would make sense that Jesus might have wanted to learn about all world traditions of the day.

Also, a few hundred years later the Romans turned Christianity into a political party. You professed allegiance.

Factoring out the time Jesus spent in India leads to practical complications. It subsequently becomes harder to take Jesus' message to India. There are rich traditions of yoga and meditation in India. They are of tremendous spiritual value. They are pretty "secular" too in that soccer is secular.

Yoga is a great way to touch body, mind, heart and soul all at once. Meditation is a great way to prepare for prayer.

There are no lost years. Jesus' travels are well documented.

Jesus physically looked nothing like he gets portrayed. He did not have long hair. He looked ordinary and average, that is why Judas needed to kiss him to betray him to the guards.

He did not have blue eyes. His skin was not white.

But then his physical appearance does not really matter.

The attempt has to be portray Jesus as accurately as possible.

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