Light, Love And God

Light can be a line, light can be thrown on a floor. Light can take up all space in a room. Light defines the very dimension of time, as we learn from physics. The space time curvature suggestion and the suggestion that time moves faster and slower in different parts of the universe, a suggestion that fundamentally challenges every day experiences on earth, comes from light. It comes from the fact that the speed of light is the same everywhere in the universe. Seems to be.

Is light special? Is it possible light is able to travel between worlds? Is there a heavenly light that can shine from heaven to earth?

Light does seem to be able to touch all four obvious dimensions. Is it possible it is also capable of going into the beyond dimensions?

Like salt is salty, God is loving. God endowed you with free will. So you may also love like God. When you love God, or each other, it is qualitatively the same love. If you can recognize love on earth, you can recognize love in Heaven.

The light on earth might or might not be the light in Heaven, but the love on earth is also the love in Heaven. It is love that connects you to God. God is as real as love. If you can feel love, you can feel God's presence. Love takes you to the beyond dimensions, no doubt.

To truly feel God's presence, love all humanity. Love God with all your Heart, for your love is real, it transcends the four obvious dimensions.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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