"Nobody Has Seen The Father But Me"

Jesus says in the Gospel, "Nobody has seen the Father but me." What does that mean?

God is the 10th dimension, the final dimension. God has always been, always will be. That is why God is called the Eternal Being, without beginning or end.

But when God is in human incarnation, as Rama, Krishna or Jesus, God looks exactly like a human being. God is born, God dies, just like a human being. But that is incarnation. Even when God is not in human incarnation God has the option to show up on earth in human form. Even angels can do that. They can go back and forth between earth and heaven.

That is why it gets said, go serve the poor and the needy, you just might come face to face with God. Be kind to strangers, you just might be being kind to angels.

Plenty of human beings saw Rama, Krishna and Jesus in person. But they saw God in human incarnation.

God created the earth and human beings. God is also the creator of heaven and the angels. Angels have been created with everlasting life and enormous intellects and powers and free will. Angels are spirit creatures. When a human being makes it to heaven that human being is also given a perfect spirit body. Spirit bodies are not gendered.

God is the king of heaven, but God is not of heaven, God is the creator of heaven. Before there was a heaven there was a God.

It gets said in heaven you have everlasting life. What does that mean? It means the time dimension that exists on earth and in this cosmos is not a feature of heaven. Heaven exists in the beyond dimensions.

When God sits on the throne in heaven to the angels God looks like just another being with a spirit body. But God is not a being with a spirit body any more than God is a human being.

There was a God before there was a heaven. That God is not a spirit creature. That God is God. That God nobody has seen but the Son.

That is what Jesus means when he says, "No one has seen the Father but me."

The interesting thing though is this. There was a Holy Father before there was a Holy Son. In that 10th, final dimension there was a Father before there was a Son.

Everything that God created God created through the Son.

Human beings are special to God. He created them in His own image. He really, really wants earth to work.

The Father, the Son and the Spirit exist in perfect harmony in the 10th, the final dimension, a perfection that is only possible in that final dimension. Due to that perfection it gets said God is one.

Everything that is and ever will be is contained within the Holy Spirit. The one God is the ultimate intelligence, total power, and infinite love.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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