Non Violent Militancy

During my digital activism work for the Nepal democracy movement almost a decade ago, through which I stated to have employed the butterfly effect, a claim not acknowledged or appreciated by either the key leaders of that movement or the diaspora community or a US immigration judge who kept giving me court dates for six years, I often used the phrase non violent militancy.

I am for a total spread of democracy. Yesterday. And to that end I am for using all possible non violent methods. You can use Open Intel to follow up on developments and you have to counter argue with the forces you are confronting every step of the way.

And you need a clear roadmap. The first step is to get people out into the streets and shut down the country completely. The second step is an interim government. Then elections to a constituent assembly. The only rule is the constitution it might write may not clash with human rights.

This would work everywhere. No country is truly free until all countries are completely free. And so a democracy movement somewhere is of concern to all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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