One Earth, One Creator, One God

There is but one creation. That much all human groups can agree on. There is but one earth. There was only one big bang.

If there was a creator, obviously there was only one creator. That much is plain logic.

But the creator is greater than the creation, obviously. Which means it is kind of important to get God right.

But God is not like gravity, a property of the universe, to be discovered, and so you argue as to whose discovery is better, makes more sense.

God is the ultimate. The only way for humanity to know God is if and when God is kind and loving enough to reveal Himself.

And when He reveals He has to be careful He does not reveal too much or He will risk overwhelming. He does not have the option to reveal it all. God is more mysterious than the universe and shall remain so.

But it is important for all human beings to get to know the one true Living God. It is not just to do with the Everlasting Life. There are concrete implications to the here and now.

There is but one creation so obviously there is but one creator. You don't figure out that God. That God reveals Himself.

If you approach God with that humility you can come across that one true Living God.

My God is better than your God is not a conversation about god, and it is not a conversation about cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is in the mind 100%. Cultural diversity is not the domain of the soul.

God is about the soul.

The mind is cyclical, the soul is linear. Meditation and therapy are to do with the mind. Culture and knowledge are to do with the mind.

God is about the soul. You want to get God right because you have a soul, unique in the history and future of time. There is only one of you.

The thing is you can talk to God. If you are not being able to talk to your God, it is not God you are talking to. Seek until you do find the one true Living God, the God who can read your thoughts before you can think them.

Religion is not God. Religion is human beings reaching out to God. Every human group in history seems to have done that.

The many religions only prove that it is important to get God right.

Talk to God directly and He will lead you. He will grab you by your fingers and lead you.

You do have to reach out though. It's an act of free will.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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