One World, One Government

The time is now. This world needs a world government, one person one vote one voice taken to its logical global conclusion. You can not have one world government without one world economy. There has to be a free flow of people globally. That one act alone should add at least five trillion dollars to the global economy almost immediately.

The first step has to be the US government not waiting for private companies to do it and taking enough money out of its defense budget to beam the internet from the sky to cover at least 90% of humanity. The second step has to be at least 150 heads of state coming together Philadelphia style and forging the basic premises of a world government. This is not a UN reform attempt. The UN is a relic of World War II. The world government has to be a fresh start. The UN will perhaps dissolve.

Ultimately you do want a directly elected President Of The World, and it could happen in as little as 10 years. But that happens when at least 80% of the people will have the option to vote from their phone itself. You log in with your biometric ID, maybe you press your thumb to the screen. But that might not be a feasible first step.

Each member country needs to pay 1% of its GDP as a membership fee, a flat tax. There needs to be a lower chamber, and an upper chamber. In the lower chamber a country’s voting weight is in direct proportion to its population, and in the upper chamber it is in direct proportion to its GDP, to be recalibrated every five years or so. Any country may propose a candidate for president, as long as it gets seconded by a second country. And if one candidate does not collect at least 50% of the votes in both chambers, there is a second round vote between the two top candidates. I am hoping President Hillary will nominate President Obama. Might as well. She should know paid speeches are trouble. She should know better.

A term limit to two would be fair enough. 10 years are plenty for one person to serve and make a meaningful impact. Assigning a biometric ID to every human being on earth has to be a top project, India has shown the way. You press your thumb at all major public places on earth, like airports and railway stations. A free flow of people can happen with little cost in policing. Privacy stays protected because much of the safety work is done through machine reading. Human beings are not involved, and when they are, they are under strict judicial oversight.

The third project is to make sure money is 100% digital, 100% global, 100% residing on the blockchain such that every single transaction gets recorded, and 100% in circulation. Taking money out of circulation is a crime and is sheer evil. Money is trust, it is not property.

But the number one reason you do it is because if you don’t you might not have much of a planet to speak of. This is an existential issue for the species and the planet. There is no other way to tackle climate change except by creating a world government.

I also look forward to a global 911 such that we manage to almost eliminate domestic violence. There is so much domestic violence on the planet it is like women are far, far away from voting rights. Only a physically safe person can be said to legitimately vote.

Do this much and America’s growth rate goes past 5%.

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