Personal Space And Free Will

They are related.

Someone's personal space is where they meet their body, mind, heart and soul. Not only that, that personal space is the only possible place where they can meet God. Even when they might meet God while praying together with a hundred other people, the meeting with God happens for them in that personal space.

That is why that place is sacrosanct, and assault is sin. Assault is an offense against God.

It is in that personal space that a person plays with his or her free will.

Just like the personal space is the only possible place where a person can meet with God, a person's free will is a gift from God. It is not a nuisance God puts up with. God created free will. God respects free will. Respects in that He has the power to take it away, but He doesn't.

Free speech is a good mirror of that free will, perhaps the best, most visible one. A person may peacefully think thoughts, and express those thoughts. Peacefully because assault is sin. I absolutely don't understand any political system that does not completely respect free speech. Not respecting free speech is like saying God gave you a gift, and I am going to take it away from you. The reason that is problematic is that you are saying you are above God. Nobody but nobody is above God.

Since all power is derived from God, the people collectively are the only source of earthly political power. Because each person has the option to connect directly with God in their personal space. And so a state deriving its power from the people may enact and enforce laws. Assault is sin, but it is also illegal. Those are not two separate statements if you understand where all power ultimately comes from.

Greetings and good manners are important. When you greet someone, you are acknowledging they exist, you are acknowledging they are God's children, and that they exist. And so keep finding excuses to greet someone.

Good manners are like saying you not only acknowledge they exist, but that you are also very respectful of both their personal space and free will. Tea or coffee? That is a statement of respect.

The law will take its course. And God is an all knowing God. He sees everything that happens. He reads thoughts before people think them. So you should not worry too much about what if the free will of others ends up having accidents. You should still greet, and be courteous.

Just like forgiveness is not about putting up with injustice, just the opposite, respecting personal space and free will is not about putting up with other people's bad behavior. Your free will and free speech means you can but of course disagree with people. You pray to God out of free will and no one is above God. Freedom of association means you choose who you will be with. That is part of God's gift.

Free will is what gives things like technology and innovation. It is a beautiful thing.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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