Prayer Is Conversation

Prayer is conversation, quite literally. Prayer is your conversation with God. Converse. Learn to speak original language. Struggle with the words. Stumble. Fail to say what you mean to say and try again.

Your personal circumstances are constantly changing. The words of your prayers should try to match your changing circumstances.

Ask questions when you pray, if you have questions. How can you not have questions? Ask and pause and listen. He might choose to speak back to you on His own timetable. He might speak to you through any aspect of His creation. He might speak back through other people, later.

In articulating your prayers to match your changing circumstances and curiosities and questions and stumbles, you manage to stay in rhythm with God.

No two prayers are the exact same, such is the unfolding of the universe. Even community prayers should try to speak to the community's changing circumstances.

But then there are prayers of simple thanks, and shared prayers passed down the ages. They stand like a rock like The Truth itself.

Prayers are said in private, in small groups, and in communities of prayer, to build community.

Pray like He is with you right there and then, for He is with you like He has no business other than to be with you.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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