Priests And Pastors

The Jewish priests were doing everything by the book, they were crossing every t and dotting every i and yet, when Jesus showed up, they were proven wrong. Not only did they not recognize the Son Of God, they also gave him the ultimate criminal treatment.

How can you do everything right and still go so horribly wrong?

Because every time you pray, every time you worship, you are supposed to do it with the joy of someone who just learned to and is doing it for the first time. A poet can look at the same leaf again and act like he or she is looking at it for the very first time.

Prayer is an act of free will. Worship is an act of free will. But if you have become robotic and unthinking about it, are you still praying and worshipping? Rituals are empty rituals if they have become unthinking and robotic.

There are stories of people who face unprecedented hardship and kneel down and reach out to God from a position of utter helplessness and realize they just discovered God for the first time because they just prayed like they should have been praying all along.

Free will is never supposed to go away. Humility is never supposed to go away.

And God has much to share but God has shared only enough at any point in time so you may be able to digest it. So you always have to be asking, what next? Humanity's spiritual journey ought to be full of expectation to the very end of time. Every moment in time is unique.

Jesus did not contradict "the laws and the prophets." And it is not like Jesus broke tradition when he forgave sins. But Jesus did state a truth that had always been true.

"Do you think God is the God only of Jews?" he asked. The question was rhetorical. Obviously not. God is not the God only of Jews, but of all humanity. God is the God of the entire cosmos.

Also, early in time, the only way to pass essential information from one generation to the next was through hereditary priesthood. God working through hereditary priesthood is God respecting where humanity was early on in terms of its evolution.

There are laws about slaves in the early pages of the Old Testament. Does that mean God condoned slavery? No. God led the chosen people out of slavery under very difficult circumstances. God can read time like weather scientists wish they could read weather. God must have seen the end of slavery. Only the task has still not been accomplished. And needs to be.

Hereditary priesthood would evolve to meritocratic priesthood, hereditary monarchy would evolve to elected leaders, God must have seen, but it has been for humanity to decide through an active use of mental faculties. Better governance will always stay the goal.

You should maintain constant vigilance against empty rituals and hidebound traditions. Always ask, what next? Because there is always a next.

Do not repeat the mistake of the Jewish priests who missed out on the very God they had been worshipping. On the other hand, do not be too judgmental of them. The same people did a pretty good job of describing the second coming of the Christ. The phrase Age Of Abundance is attributed to them. God made a covenant with Abraham. God intends to keep it for a thousand generations. It can be argued the Jews achieve constant God consciousness through their elaborate rituals.

The one true Living God is above denominations, above religions. The universe is unfolding along the dimension of time. There is always a next. So ask now, what next?

The bridge to Heaven was built 2,000 years ago and it is a perfect bridge, for God Himself built it. There is nothing to add or subtract to it. That was chapter one.

Chapter two is about the here and now. Grassroots political organizing is the missionary work today. Hello Barack Obama. Steve Jobs attained sainthood. He was lifted straight to Heaven, and you know it because he told you so during the final few seconds of his life. "Oh wow, oh wow" was him seeing paradise. He was lifted straight to paradise.

In Heaven there is no religion. Earth becoming more like Heaven will have communities of prayer, but not necessarily religions. None of the major religions clash. And yoga, meditation and therapy are all supposed to lead to prayer and worship. Standalone each is insufficient.

Jesus worshipping Christians in America crossing a cultural barrier to worship Rama and Krishna, the two human incarnations of the Holy Father, 7,000 and 5,000 years ago, is the only cure to racism in America and America is a fundamentally racist country. Racism is like radioactivity, it can be objectively measured.

Indians accepting Jesus kills the caste system. That is the only available way to end Indian poverty, number one in the world.

Moses and Muhammad both point to the one true Living God, but both were human prophets who made a few mistakes.

God is one. A lot of people can't see how that truth can co-exist with a trinity because they look at the 10th and final dimension through the lens of their four dimensional limited reality. The Trinity exists in such perfect harmony that God is one. That perfection is only available in the 10th dimension.

But the high point of chapter two is all humanity, every single human being, kneeling down at the same time to summon the spirit. That is when the Holy Spirit engulfs all earth. And the spirit prays for you even before you feel the need. Kind of like a self driving car that you can choose to actively steer anytime you want to.

The Holy Father loves you so much He is offering to pray on your behalf.

Pray, love, forgive was chapter one and is still the indispensable foundation. Create, congregate, summon the spirit is chapter two. Chapter two is about the here and now.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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