Privacy And Progress

I am big on personal space and privacy. I am not seeking special privileges. Everyone has a right to personal space and privacy.

Invasion of personal space and privacy is the work of The Devil. It is designed to take away from an individual's right to free association, because you need that right to navigate the world well. It is designed to take away the only space where one can hope to connect with God, in one's personal space.

If humanity can not get personal space and privacy right at its current level of technological progress, it will only make bigger and better tools for The Devil as it marches forward with monumental technological progress. Major advances are not even possible. Spiritual centeredness is the only way to harvest great riches.

Kill Them All is The Devil's mantra, and it means it. It is in a quest for market share. It wants all souls in Hell. Misery loves company.

Famous people, public figures and celebrities have the same right to personal space and privacy as anyone else. Just like cars are regulated, the paparazzi ought to be regulated. Public figures meet the public in the public space when they agree to. You don't do that and you end up with mediocre narcissistic types running countries. You deprive yourself of talent in major spheres.

The governments in both America and China compete with each other in invading the privacy of their citizens. That is not a good sign. If you feel you are constantly being watched, that is going to torment your soul. You are not going to be yourself. The rise of Trump is the price America is paying. There appears to be an epidemic of Godlessness. The bad air is the price China is paying.

There perhaps is a need for a global Netizen Bill Of Rights. It might not only keep much of surveillance restricted to machine reading and all to clear judicial oversight, but might also get companies to do income share should they build data rich profiles on individuals. These are for the democratic process to decide.

There is some lawmaking to do. There is some public consciousness to be raised.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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