Rama, Krishna And Christ (3)

Rama, Krishna And Christ (2)

The Buddha, if he had been a Vishnu avatar, he would have known, but he did not know, and was always honest about it. He was always explicit about being a human being, a teacher, an enlightened human being. The work he has done on the mind is without parallel. The Buddha can be called the Bruce Lee of the mind.

But Hindus claim the Buddha was a God, the ninth avatar. That is obviously not true, or the Buddha would have known.

This is a classic example of spiritual corruption. God is incarnate. God is written about. There is truth to the Holy Spirit actually writing the words. Humans writing out of divine inspiration part is true. But then all sorts of mumbo jumbo gets added to it. Lucifer poses as God and inserts satanic passages. If you get deceived next thing you know you are taking Satan's words for God's words. Also, a lot of men, the priestly class fall into the hubris trap, where they put in their own half baked words and claim divine inspiration, sometimes knowingly, sometimes without even realizing. How do you figure out which is which? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

The Buddha example is not God, not even Satan, it is the corrupt priestly class. The best way to negate everything the Buddha taught is to call him God. The priests got rid of the Buddha threat by calling him God.

It is true the Holy Spirit breathed life into the life forms, but it does not make sense that Vishnu at first was a fish, although ancient Hindus seem to have come to Charles Darwin like conclusions. Impressive.

It is said Shiva was the Adiyogi, or the very first yogi. Yoga started with him. There are records in the scriptures of West Asia about the Aryans spending enormous amounts of time meditating inside caves during the long ice age and achieving remarkable spiritual heights. If Shiva was one of those then Shiva would be more like the Buddha. But contemporary Hinduism places Shiva as the third member of the Hindu trinity. And who is to question, right?

Many of the wrong and harmful concepts about the soul were conceptualized by the Indian contemporaries of the likes of Aristotle and Plato or even Confucius. These were philosophers, human beings. But their writings are today taught to be the writings of God, and their writings are without attribution. You don't know who wrote what, precisely when.

And that is how you end up with a God for this and a God for that and 330 million gods and goddesses. There are layers upon accumulated layers. 10,000 years would be a long time, apparently enough time to do that.

Hindus claim theirs is the Santana Dharma, the original religion, the eternal religion.

And then there is of course the caste system. Even Indian Muslims and Indian Christians don't seem to be able to break free from it. It is a nefarious social structure without parallel in human history. It has managed to co-opt every force of modernity so far. Slavery, apartheid, colonization, segregation all ended but the caste system is still going strong. Something like the caste system can only be maintained through an active threat of force. It does not come naturally to people.

There is no shortage of Brahmins who are willing to explain away Rama and Krishna. God be damned, as far as they are concerned.

God is one. It is not possible to believe in God and ban Jesus, the Son Of God. In India there is a ban on Jesus. You are not free to go out and about and preach the Gospel. The priestly class is behind that watchdog role.

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, you are not glorifying Jesus. You are coming face to face with the fact that your soul is unique in the history and future of time, there is only one of you in all creation. And it is a decision you have to make on your own, no one can make it on your behalf.

That notion fundamentally challenges the priests who do all things God related on your behalf, for a fee.

Getting the information right on the soul is important. For if you do not have a soul, it does not really matter that there is a God and there is a Heaven.

You do not have a soul like you have a limb. Every limb is like every other. But it is not true every soul is like every other. There is only one of you in all creation. Your soul is not like a drop of water that is like every other drop of water.

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