Rama, Krishna And Christ (5)

Rama, Krishna And Christ (4)

All three were historic figures. There are archeological evidences. But, most important, each of the three have scriptures around them that could only have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. There are astronomical observations in the Ramayana and Mahabharata that tell us Rama happened 7,000 years ago and Krishna happened 5,000 years ago. Jesus, of course, happened 2,000 years ago.

But there have been human embellishments. Start with Jesus. Jesus looked nothing like he gets portrayed in the churches of the world. He did not have long hair. He did not have blue eyes, the historic Jesus did not. He did not have white Norwegian skin. He was not as tall. All that would not really matter except in the Hindu tradition it has been going on for much longer and that is why the one true Living God is buried deep inside somewhere in the contemporary Hindu belief system. Mary had other children besides Jesus, but Catholics insist she stayed a virgin all her life. She did not need to. She is still Holy Mary with all the children. But such embellishments distort something as fundamental as human sexuality.

You have to be open to the possibility that there have been major embellishments to the Rama and Krishna stories. For example, the Rama story has two completely different endings. It could not have been.

At one point in time Hinduism was a monotheistic religion revolving around Krishna, but that was a long time ago.

But today Rama and Krishna are not seen as the two human incarnations of the Holy Father by those who worship Jesus, and Jesus is not seen as the human incarnation of Bramha by the Hindus.

All three were divine and are legitimately worshipped. But all three are also associated with lessons for human life on earth.

Rama was the ideal son, the ideal husband, the ideal brother and worship of Rama to this day explains why the family structure is so strong in India. Rama was also the ideal king who put his kingdom above his family.

Krishna's lesson was to do with justice. Justice is above peace. That would apply to law enforcement today and just wars today. He exhausted all possible peaceful options before deciding war was the only way to justice. Krishna also taught that one is to live life fully immersed, but with full detachment and always remaining conscious of God. That is a statement against idolatry so vociferously expressed many times in the Old Testament. And it rings relevant today. Modern day idolatry is that your net worth is completely tied to the toys you own.

All three performed miracles.

Rama said he would come back, like Jesus said, and he did come back 2,000 years later, as Krishna.

Both Rama and Krishna can be seen in the Gospels. It is noted Jesus showed total obedience to the Holy Father in Heaven while he was on earth. Rama showed total obedience to his earthly father, King Dasharath. That is how he unquestioningly spent 12 years in the jungle with his wife. Jesus says at one point, if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain. Krishna did move a mountain.

But Hindus don’t seem to be able to cross the cultural chasm and accept Jesus and British colonialists went out of their way to explain away Rama and Krishna as myths and false gods.

Hindus try to explain away Jesus. Some say during his “lost years” Jesus was in India where he learned how to touch and cure and to raise people from the dead, he learned from the superior Hindus to walk on water. Some say he was a Tamil who was taken down from the cross and smuggled to India where he was treated and where he lived to a ripe old age. Some say yoga is of four types and all of Christianity is but one of the four types.

Human hubris seeks to explain away divinity. Human hubris can also take the form of cultural pride, as if God favors one culture over another.

The thing is all three compliment each other. It has been God's intention that humanity discover all three. But to do so you have to cross cultural barriers. The Bible is full of names that are not Indian. Rama and Krishna are firmly ensconced in the Indian culture. That is by design. In embracing all three as God incarnations human beings everywhere will come to learn a fundamental lesson, that cultural diversity is natural and good.

Rama and Krishna should not be limited to India. Jesus should not be limited to the west. And there are concrete earthly implications.

Indians quickly note in America the family structure is weak. That is why America needs Rama. But accepting Jesus as one's Personal Savior is the only way in any religious tradition to get accurate information on the soul, that your soul is unique in the history and future of time, there is only one of you in all creation. And that is why a billion Indians need to accept Jesus.

Hindus have been creating and adding gods and goddesses to their belief system for thousands of years. Hindus started worshipping Mother Teresa long before she was sainted by the Catholic Church, for example, but not as a saint but a god.

Shiva and Buddha will both help you understand. Start with the Buddha, for he is more recent, his body remains have survived to this day. There is a tooth somewhere in Sri Lanka. You know the Buddha was a human being and not a God incarnate because he said so himself. He never asked for worship. But that true teacher has been turned into a false god by the Hindus. That should be a warning sign and is harmful on two fronts. One, you cover up the Buddha with empty rituals and actually not pay heed to his teachings. Two, creating a false God takes you away from the one true Living God.

Shiva is never mentioned as being in Heaven. He is always placed high in the Himalayas. But he happened thousands of years before even Rama. And so Hindus have had more time with Shiva than with Buddha. Shiva was the first yogi. But he has been put on an equal pedestal with the Holy Father and the Holy Son. By people who are into empty rituals but not yoga.

Shiva and Buddha are the two big examples. There are numerous smaller examples. The Hindu belief system is full of false gods and goddesses like in the ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan traditions. And that is tragic because the Indians are the original chosen people.

Rama, Krishna And Christ have been the only three God incarnates in all human history and are relevant today to all humanity. There is but one God, there always has been but one God, the creator of all.

The first few books in the Bible were written by Moses, who is the Muhammad to the Jews. By the way, both Jews and Muslims pray to the one true Living God. Christians do say God is one. And all human beings have been created equal by the Creator.

Moses wrote that God created all world in six days and on Saturday he rested. Jesus contradicted that. He said, my Father never stops working and neither do I. The time dimension you know on earth is a feature of this world, not of Heaven, so obviously there is no Monday Tuesday in Heaven.

The scriptures have been inspired by god but often written by humans limited by the vocabulary of the day. And that is why attempts have to be made to dig up the contexts. A human being is supposed to be a thinking creature.

And don't even get me started on the caste system. Priests are not born to priests any more than kings are born to kings.

The thing is, the most effective way to dismantle the caste system would be for a billion Indians to accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. And the most effective way to end racism in America would be for the Americans worshiping Jesus to also learn to worship Rama and Krishna, for in so doing you will come to learn cultural diversity is natural and good. Ramayana and Mahabharata (English) should be translated into all the major languages of the world.

There is no road or bridge left to build anywhere in China. India could learn from that.

And Africa's future is that it is going to be the central continent.

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