Rama, Krishna And What’s Up With The Blue Skin?

Both Rama and Krishna get portrayed as with blue skins. Did they have blue skins? No. They had dark skins. They were darker than your average north Indian today. Krishna was so completely black, his very name means "Blackie."

Krishna was super dark and super attractive, apparently.

Jesus is also not portrayed right. For one, he did not have long hair. He looked like your average Arab today. Yes, he had dark skin. He was not this blue eyed blond surfer dude. He did not stand out. He was not particularly handsome.

Because he did not stand out that is why Judas had to identify him for the soldiers. Or Judas could simply have said, look for the guy with long hair, striking blue eyes, and long hair, you can't miss him.

These inaccurate portrayals percolate also to the storyline. Over generations people have embellished and disfigured and added fiction to fact. Lucifer and his team have tried to dilute away the stories in clever ways.

And that is why it is important to look at the scriptures critically. You are to think freely. You are to debate and discuss. That applies to scriptures in all faith traditions.

For example, the Hindus have something called the Garuda Purana. That entire book is about one bird, Garuda. It is supposedly the bird that is God's personal vehicle in Heaven. Vishnu, or the Holy Father. And because the bird is God's personal vehicle in Heaven, the bird is also god.

What's the problem here? God does not need a personal vehicle. God can move from any point in all creation to any other point at the speed of thought. So obviously God does not need to ride a bird. The one true Living God has been paired up with a false god, a bird. That is a clever way to confuse human beings. You drown out the one true Living God with lots and lots of false gods. Lucifer has exceptional intellect. The confusing Hindu belief system and the caste system are some of Lucifer's finest piece of work.

The latest addition to the Hindu pantheon is Donald Trump. He hates Muslims so much, apparently that qualifies him. Soon enough some wise ass Brahmin is going to scribble a Trump Purana in Sanskrit.

The Indians were the original chosen people, but today India has fundamentally lost its way. The hereditary Brahmins have managed to create so many false gods and goddesses over the millennia that the one true Living God has been lost to the hubbub.

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