Rama, Krishna, Jesus And Cultural Diversity

Accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior is about you coming face to face with the fact that your soul is unique in the history and future of time, there is only one of you in all creation, that you do not end at death, at your core is a spirit soul that is indestructible. That soul is not of the first four dimensions.

To emphasize that point about uniqueness God has given you unique fingerprints. Just like God created ants to teach you work ethic, and bees to tell you they secrete honey, you are capable of secreting love. God created the sunflower so you may know you are like the sunflower and God is like the sun. Such is and always will be the power differential. God is the God of ultimate intelligence, total power and infinite love.

Each individual is unique. Each human interaction is unique. Each sentence that comes out of the human mouth is unique, linguists will tell you. Each relationship is unique. Cultural diversity emerges out of that churn. It is natural and good. Only all culture and knowledge is in the mind. That is why cultural diversity never gets in the way of religion. Religion is about the soul, and the soul's fundamental need for God.

Rama and Krishna were born to one specific culture. Jesus was born to another specific culture. That is by design. The three have to be worshipped together. Those who will do so, even if they might not be from either of those two cultures, or one but not the other, will learn cultural diversity is natural and good. That is the only cure to racism in America and that is the only way to end the caste system in India.

Also besides the lesson that cultural diversity is natural and good each of the three divine figures (and there have been only three in history) have unique lessons to teach.

Rama created the family on earth and the ideal ruler and established justice is above knowledge, wealth and power. Family values are objectively speaking stronger in India. It is entirely because Indians worship Rama.

Krishna established justice is above peace. That is still the fundamental underpinning of the modern state. Violence is sin but not in the service of justice, granted you exhaust all peaceful options first. This is about police officers and soldiers. This is about law enforcement and matters of war and peace. This is about the very legitimacy of the state.

Jesus created the person on earth, quite literally. The person of one person one vote democracy was created by Jesus. The individual customer who is the basic unit of the modern economy was created by Jesus. The individual scientist who gathers knowledge was created by Jesus. You can go among people (like the Hindus) who don't worship Jesus, not yet, and feel like you are not interacting with individuals. Just like a car that is out of alignment drives funny, someone who does not have correct information on the soul suffers much confusion in the heart and the mind. Accepting Jesus is the only available way in any religious tradition to get correct information on the soul. But accepting Jesus is not about paying lip service. Nobody who is a racist has accepted Jesus. Because to know your soul is unique is to know all human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That is why racism is sin, sexism is sin, classism is sin, ageism is sin, physicalism is sin, heterosexism is sin, regionalism is sin, casteism is sin. Treat people equal.

Rama, Krishna and Jesus should be worshipped together by all humanity. God is the God of all peoples everywhere, God is the God of the entire cosmos. That God is one, always has been one, the 10th and final dimension that has always existed and always will exist.

God is beyond space and time, God is the creator of space and time, and hence is formless, since form is by definition limited to the first four dimensions. That one God is a trinity, the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit. The three exist in perfect harmony, a perfection that is only possible in that 10th, final dimension, and that is why it is said God is one, due to that perfection.

Everything that is and ever will be is contained in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Father created heaven and earth through the Holy Son. The Holy Spirit is the giver of life. God created human beings in His own image. Each human being should learn to rejoice for being created in God's own image. Learn to be eternally thankful. The best prayers are prayers of gratitude for all that you have already been given.

Rama and Krishna were the two human incarnations of the Holy Father, also known as Yahweh, or Vishnu, who were on earth 7,000 and 5,000 years ago, as per the scriptures associated with them, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The sky has a unique configuration each night. And from astronomical observations made in the two books the dates can be determined. Before leaving Rama announced he will be back, as did Jesus. Jesus was the first human incarnation of Wisdom, or Bramha.

The Holy Father has saved the best wine for the last, for His Son, the second human incarnation of Wisdom, or Bramha. He did all the early hard work Himself.

It is written, when Jesus is back all world will see him at once. That is a reference to the Internet. How would you have described the Internet 2,000 years ago? It is also written, Jesus will descend from the clouds. That is a reference to the airplane. How would you have described the airplane 2,000 years ago? The second human incarnation of Wisdom/Bramha will visit the cities of the world in an airplane. The airplane is the new donkey.

Time has had a beginning. And so some day time will end. But that end of time is very, very far away. No, the world is not about to come to an end. You are real. This world is real and special. You are special.

There have been prophets, Moses and Muhammad the most prominent among them. Muhammad was indeed the last prophet. The Buddha attained enlightenment through the grace of God, but he was a human being who never asked for worship.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Worship and gain and retain humility. Acquire knowledge and wisdom. Work hard. Do not overeat. Honor family. Do not lie, cheat, steal.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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