Satan: God’s Adversary?

Satan, aka The Devil, aka Lucifer, has been called God's adversary. Is he?

Think of God as the ocean. Think of both the righteous and the fallen angels as buckets. Think of human being as glasses.

God is overwhelmingly more powerful than the angels. God is the creator of all angels.

So, no, Satan is not God's adversary. But that he gets called that is a human perspective. Because the glass can be filled with God water or it can be filled with the dirty bucket water. So from the perspective of the glasses it can look like God and Satan are equally powerful. Not true at all.

Hell is for real. But it is not a tea or coffee situation. It is not like if you want coffee you go to heaven and if you want tea you go to hell. Satan, who himself is deeply unhappy he got kicked out of heaven, will try to trick you into thinking it is a tea or coffee, coke or pepsi situation. Not true.

The kind of pain you will experience in hell is not even possible on earth. On earth you only experience bodily pain when you do, which is nothing compared to the pain your soul will experience in hell. Imagine the most foul smell on earth. In hell it is a hundred times worse. Imagine the cries of souls in tremendous pain. That is the "music" of hell.

You want to do right by you and your creator and you want to go to Heaven which is indescribably amazing. Heaven is as amazing as hell is awful. On earth you want to stay true to the path of God no matter what the price: torture, death, poverty. Because you do not end at death and the richest on earth will not see on earth what the poorest on earth will see in heaven.

When you fall short you offer God genuine repentance, ask for a fresh start, and start all over again. God is a loving, kind, forgiving God.

God has the power to destroy, simply destroy the fallen angels. But human beings are capable of sin on their win. Sin is a choice. You will always have free will.

Free will is not an inconvenience. It is not a punishment. Free will is God's prize creation. It is your free will that makes you capable of love. Like the sunflower needs the sun and acts like it, you similarly need God. Love of God makes the exercise of free will a piece of cake. Minus that free will can feel like water torture.

Fill your glass with God water so completely that there is zero play room for the forces of evil. Then you don't have to worry about getting overpowered by the devil.

It would be so much easier if Satan were some guy with a tail. Satan and his team members are capable of showing up in human form, just like the righteous angels. They are capable of going through the motions of worship. They are capable of joining religious organizations and hierarchies, anything to deceive, anything to lead people away from the one true Living God.

Deception is Satan's number one weapon. Satan likes it best if you think he does not even exist.

Jesus conquered Satan in the desert by not giving in to his arguments. My true nourishment is scripture not bread. I will not test God, he has already given me so much by creating me in His own image, that I am thankful for. I'd rather stay true to the path of God than acquire wealth and power, but if I stay true to the path of God I shall also acquire wealth and power, true, bountiful, just wealth and power if I so desire. Being able to argue back to Satan's temptations and deceptions is the key to the rightful exercise of free will. You have to make the effort to learn right and wrong.

When you falter despite your best efforts genuinely repent. Ask God for a fresh start.

But then, Satan is not alone. He believes in organizational structures. Evil is that evil does. Good is not that which might have wealth and power. Good is that does good, it might or might not have wealth and power. Creating loving families and building communities of prayer and creating modern democratic states and driving racism, sexism, classism and other prejudices out of criminal justice systems is how you outorganize Satan and the evil forces. Satan attempts to infiltrate all such organizations. Staying true to the path of God asks for eternal vigilance. That is the price you pay for having created with free will.

No one is truly free until everyone is free.

Stay true to the path of God. Stay away from sin. Sin leads to collapse and unhappiness.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Hell can be shut down. But that is not anything any human being has to be worried about.

Worry not about the devil. Worry that you may walk away from God.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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