St. Hillary?

At the Catholic dinner on Fifth Avenue where the two presidential candidates gather after the final debate and attempt comedy apparently some religious figure told Hillary Clinton that she could be president but she could not be sainted.

It was said in private but Hillary Clinton took umbrage, enough to respond to it in public. She called it the final, stained glass ceiling that also needs to be shattered.

The religious figure might not have meant because she is a woman but because she is a politician.

But he is wrong. Not so much as wrong but a little out of date.

Sainting for the past 2,000 years has been about pray, love, forgive. Active love is selfless service like by Mother Teresa.

But that was chapter one. Chapter two is create, congregate, summon the spirit.

Create is entrepreneurship. Steve Jobs was sainted. He was lifted straight to heaven. And you know it because he said it. During the final few seconds of his life he said, "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow." That was him seeing heaven.

Congregate is grassroots political organizing. Barack Obama is a candidate for sainthood but he is not done yet. He still has work to do. It is about him being George Washington to the world. There is going to be a world government.

If Hillary gives eight stellar years and breaks the glass ceiling not just in politics, and not just in America and liberates men and women from the sin of sexism she also could be a candidate for sainthood.

Grassroots political organizing is the missionary work today. God would rather see justice and the poor taken care of than be worshipped.

Summon the spirit is about traditional religious work. But this is about helping all humanity to come to the one true Living God. In heaven there is no religion, only God. On earth it can be the same.

In short, Hillary Clinton is in a very good position to aspire for sainthood.

God created the modern state. God of course is deeply interested in public policy.

You feed a few poor people and feel good. You could do that. Or you could architect the public policy to feed every hungry person.

Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity. That love all humanity part is one where your government does it for you in an active, concrete way. It is about ending racism and sexism. Because both are sins.

Gender is a feature of this physical world, it is a feature of the first four dimensions. Gender is flesh. Spirit creatures are not gendered. When you end up in heaven you are given perfect spirit bodies. Those bodies have no gender. Perfect spirit bodies with everlasting life obviously have no need for sexual reproduction, or food. Or health care.

All human beings have been created equal by the Creator. That truth is at the level of the soul.

Mother Mary desires gender equality on earth.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are candidates for sainthood but their work is not done yet. Steve Jobs already made it. The guy gave the world the personal computer, the smartphone and the tablet. Obama, give world government and end racism. Hillary, end sexism globally. And you stand a chance.

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