The Ant, The Bee, And God

The ant's world is two dimensional. The bee's world is three dimensional. If you had to describe the bee's world to the ant, how would you do it? Especially if the ant insists on the vocabularies and concepts of its two dimensional world? How much harder would it get if the ant stubbornly refuses to acknowledge a third dimension is even possible. Give me proof, give me evidence, it insists.

You are aware of the immense gap between the second and the third dimensions. The jump from the first to the second dimension is big, but the jump from the second to the third dimension is much bigger, but that is nothing compared to the jump from the third to the fourth. The dimension of time is nothing like the first three. That much you know.

Now imagine a 10 dimensional reality. As you move from the fourth to the fifth and beyond not only the gap keeps getting wider, but there are fundamentally new properties to the dimensions. And there is immense diversity at each level just like space and time come in so many different forms in the physical universe of four dimensions.

Imagine the 10th is the final dimension. There is nothing beyond it. God is in the 10th dimension. The creator of all you see, an all knowing God, the Ultimate Intelligence, so much intelligence that no intelligence beyond that is possible or is necessary.

Imagine a Heaven in the ninth dimension. God is King of Heaven. He sits on the throne and looks like you. Because He created you to look like Him. You are special to Him. He loves you immensely.

How would you feel? He created everything you see through his thought. Modern mathematicians have been amazed that pretty much behind everything in the universe are numbers. Numbers, as in pure thought.

God is all knowing. God is also all powerful. Not only did He create all you see, He has the power to intervene at any point in space and time.

God is described as the Eternal Being. That means He does not reside in the fourth dimension of time.

When that God reaches out to you directly, is that not special? You do not end at death, and God wants every single one of you in Heaven. And God wants you to have wonderful lives on earth.

Heaven is indescribably amazing. There is infinite love in Heaven, for one.

A key concept is human free will. That is what makes your love real.

Love God with all your Heart, for your love is real.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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