The Book Of Genesis

The book of Genesis was written by early men. If God created this world, how might have He done it? And they took their best shot. It's a pretty good shot they took. The big bang theory people are no different from the dudes who wrote the book of Genesis. They also took a shot at it. And it's a pretty good shot. Some day someone else might take another shot at it and make the big bang theory look like the book of Genesis.

Newton took a shot at gravity. Einstein took a shot at that same gravity, trying to fathom God's mind, and came up with a different picture.

Many cultures have their own story of creation. Trying to fathom God's mind using mental faculties gifted by God is an audacious undertaking.

Stephen Hawking puts it succinctly in the phrase God Created The Integers.

There is but one God, there always has been but one God. And that is why all organized religions must exist in peace and harmony.

God’s way is permanent joy.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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