The Holy Spirit Is God

The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit: all three are made of the same "substance," for lack of a better word, the God substance. All three existed before there was a Heaven, and Heaven was created before earth. The three are distinct but God is one. There is but one God, the one true Living God, there always has been but one God. The trinity stands in a class of its own. God is the King of Heaven, but God is not of Heaven, the angels are of Heaven.

The Holy Spirit is not a gas, all gases are of this world. The Holy Spirit is not of this world. But when it gets said God is everywhere, usually the reference is to the Holy Spirit. It is less about God being everywhere and more about the fact that all that exists exists within the Holy Spirit. Before anything was, there was the Holy Spirit. Thinking of the Holy Spirit as a gas is an earthly metaphor, inaccurate but helpful.

So if the Holy Spirit is God, can you pray to God? Why not, but of course. Pray anywhere for God is everywhere. So when Jesus said the only way to the Father is through me, what did he mean? What does it mean to accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior? Why not the Father? Why not the Holy Spirit?

God is one. There is no competition. This is not a personality clash situation. Accepting Jesus is not about glorifying Jesus. In all religious history across many traditions there has not been another way for human beings to face the fact that their soul is unique in the history and future of time, there is only one of them in all creation. And faith is an act of free will. Your free will is what makes you capable of love. That is why you are the pinnacle of creation.

There is still today much confusion about the soul. At one end there are people who think it is not a thing. And if it is a thing, where is it? They look for physical evidence, and in so doing look in three dimensions something that is not in the three spatial dimensions, or even the fourth.

And there are those, mainly in the Indian traditions, who go the wonderful paths of yoga and meditation but end up with weird conclusions like, there is no God, just this all pervasive superconsciousness, you are also God if only you look inside hard enough, your soul is like a drop of water that becomes one with the ocean that is God when you die. These are harmful concepts. They seriously mislead people and take them away from God.

You are not God, but you are mind boggling amazing, your mind is astounding, your soul is amazing and is capable of citizenship of Heaven, and even on earth your soul is capable of tapping into the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is God, and that is an all knowing God, and yes, you have been created in the image of God. That is why ancient Indian yogis were able to make accurate astronomical observations, eyes closed. The Holy Spirit knows everything that any scientist might ever discover. God is the creator of the laws of physics, God created Heaven and earth. But your soul never merges with the Holy Spirit. You maintain your distinct identity also in Heaven, definitely on earth. The person you know yourself to be, you will recognize that person in Heaven.

None of the religions really clash with each other. Islam is not the only religion Lucifer, the fallen angel, Satan, The Devil, has penetrated. The truth is there is not one religion that Lucifer has not managed to penetrate, not Christianity, not Hinduism.

There are Christians who believe God can't wait for World War III. There are Hindus who believe human beings are gods. There are Chinese who believe the soul is not a thing. There are Muslims who believe in diktat. All that is Lucifer and the army of fallen angels.

God gave you free will and an intellect. You are capable of seeing Lucifer's deceptions. You are capable of saying no to Lucifer.

The power of the Holy Spirit is infinite more than the entire army of fallen angels, but it is God's intention to respect the free will of human beings as well as angels.

Love of God makes free will easy to exercise. Love God. Love one another. Love all humanity.

Kumar: Wake Up To God