The Jews And God And The Hindus

When the Jews talk about God, they are talking about the Holy Father.

Could you worship just the Holy Father? Or only the Holy Son? What about if you only worshipped the Holy Spirit? Would it work?

The three are three distinct identities. But the three are one entity. It is not possible to worship just one.

Even as you worship the Holy Father, you worship the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for God is one. It is a package deal. The Jews worship Jesus and don't even know it.

But what ends up working for Jews is that when they say God, they do mean the one true Living God. Also, they have the correct information on the soul. The soul is linear. It is the mind that is cyclical. And there are concrete earthly implications. That explains why 10 million Jews have been able to do what 100 million, or even a billion people elsewhere have not managed. Your "car" can not run well if it is out of alignment. Not knowing the one true Living God, not having the correct information on the soul has implications for body, mind and heart.

The Indians are the original chosen people, but they have fundamentally lost their way. The Jews longed for the Holy Father to show up amidst them as an incarnation, and the Holy Father did show up, twice, in India. In India they call Him Vishnu. The Rama and Krishna avatars were the Holy Father in human form.

2,000 years later Indians have still not been able to figure out Jesus. Nobody who believes in God could say no to Jesus. Not accepting Jesus is the reason India is the poorest country in the world. The only way to kill the caste system for good is if a billion plus Indians were to accept Jesus. To accept Jesus is the only way to get correct information on the soul. If you do not have a soul, does it even matter that there is a God and there is a Heaven?

Both the Jews and the Hindus, at some point, will have to come to Jesus, the Son Of God, begotten not made.

And everyone who accepts Jesus is going to have to also accept Rama and Krishna. The Holy Father has made two trips to earth already, once 7,000 years ago, then again 5,000 years ago.

Muhammad was indeed the final prophet. And God is indeed formless, for God is beyond the four dimensions you are in. To have form is to be limited by the first four dimensions. God is not limited by the four dimensions, not even in human form. But Lucifer played a few tricks with Muhammad. Heck, Lucifer has managed to penetrate the Bible itself. The apocalypse and armageddon talk is all Lucifer. India's caste system just might be Lucifer's best piece of work. "Secular" China does Lucifer's bidding, for the Chinese also have a soul. Deception is The Devil's number one tool. He likes it best when you don't see him.

Muslims and Jews have much in common. Both revolve around their prophets. Prophets had human form.

Shiva would like you to do yoga. The Buddha wants you to meditate. Both were unparalleled teachers. Yoga and meditation are unsurpassed ways to prepare for prayer. Both are hard core science. Yoga is probably the best way to get the body, mind, heart and soul into alignment all at once. It also makes it possible for the soul to tap into the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit already knows everything any scientist will ever figure out in the future. You are one unit of consciousness. The Holy Spirit is the all pervasive superconsciousness. Yoga helps the consciousness to take dips in the superconsciousness. The Holy Spirit is God. God is one.

Everything that is in all dimensions and ever will be is contained within the Holy Spirit.

The gap between the three dimensions of space and the fourth is so huge, it is by design. So you may extrapolate from there and get some idea of the beyond dimensions.

God is an Eternal Being. The time dimension is a feature of this physical universe which He spoke into existence. The time dimension is contained within the Holy Spirit. To go to Heaven is to have everlasting life. What does that mean? It means the time dimension does not exist there, not in the form you are aware of.

God is more mysterious than the universe. You do not figure out God. God reveals. And the universe that God created is plenty mysterious. God created the integers, like Stephen Hawking says, but God did not create the integers with the integers.

Kumar: Wake Up To God