The Second Coming Of Christ

The second coming of Christ has already happened. Christ’s second coming is about The Holy Spirit engulfing all earth. The process has already begun. We have to do our part and summon The Holy Spirit to engulf all earth. The thousand year reign has already begun.

It is said, if you don’t try to understand The Trinity, you will lose your soul, if you try to understand The Trinity you will lose your mind. God is one, but God is also The Trinity, and those two ideas don’t clash with each other.

In the Jewish belief system, the Jesus that was present at Creation was female. It can be said God might have created Heaven and Earth, but it was The Holy Spirit that breathed life and motion into that Heaven and Earth. The Holy Spirit can be thought of as female.

The second coming of Christ is not about the guy on the cross climbing down that cross. The second coming of Christ is not one person. But she is already here, and she is not one person. And this is not about women taking over, for there is a woman inside every man.

The Holy Spirit will permeate not only all human beings, but also all living creatures, and all inanimate objects, and the Hindus will feel validated, for they never understood why Christians say only human beings have souls. To the Christians it will feel like the second coming of Christ, for Jesus is part of the same Trinity as The Holy Spirit. To the Jews it is going to feel like the first coming of The Messiah, and yes, all their criteria will be fulfilled, but not just for Jews, but all peoples of the earth, for all of humanity is the chosen people. Jesus created a concrete pathway to Heaven that any soul can choose to take, the most concrete path there is, the only path there is, and there is not one soul to spare. The Holy Spirit will create Heaven On Earth.

Heaven On Earth is a 10,000 trillion dollar global economy before the year 2500. Heaven On Earth is when The Holy Spirit has so totally engulfed the earth that there is not the slightest trace of evil anywhere on earth. Heaven On Earth is where the spirit reads your thoughts before you even think them, the spirit prays for you before you even feel the need. Heaven On Earth is constant prayer. Heaven On Earth is after the gender imbalance has been rectified, and there is no more domestic violence, and women have purchasing power parity. Heaven On Earth is after the earth’s ecosystem has regained its balance, and there is clean air and clean water everywhere.

Buddhism is about the mind, Christianity is about the soul, yoga is about the mind, joints and your lungs, for the air is both physical and spiritual, and your body is His temple, you have to take good care of it. One can be a Buddhist, a Christian and a Yogi all at the same time. It is like, you can wear pants, a shirt and a hat all at the same time.

The Buddha saw the light, he called it Enlightenment. Beyond that light is the sound, the exquisite music, and that is Heaven. God does have a form, but Prophet Muhammad did not see that, for prophets only feel His presence, as Prophet Muhammad did.

Jesus was all about love, peace, kindness and forgiveness. There is talk of the second coming of Christ in the Bible that feels like an Armageddon. That is not the Christ talking. That is the Anti Christ talking. Think about it. The Devil has managed to penetrate The Bible itself.

Every word in The Bible may be questioned, every word in every holy book may be questioned, but of course. All religions are valid, but any message against peace, justice and kindness is invalid in all religions. Words are at best translation. Even statements in the holy books that might stand the test of time should be questioned unceasingly, for they also seek renewal.

Prayers you offer to God, forgiveness you offer to fellow human beings.

India And God


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