The Truth And Changing Circumstances

The Truth is not easy to understand, and so there is a need to take The Truth and shine the light. There is not one soul to spare if Heaven is to be attempted on earth.

The Truth is unchanging, The Truth is timeless precisely because it is beyond time. But the circumstances are constantly changing. Where spiritual workers have missed out is on that second part. Not enough effort has been put into translating The Truth to the changing circumstances.

You have to make the effort to understand the circumstances before you can share The Truth.

Have you made the effort to understand the uniqueness of the individual? Of the situation?

Society on its part has fallen short in that spiritual workers deserve the respect at least of doctors. Think of them as soul doctors.

Body, mind, heart and soul: there's health and wellness associated with each. Prevention is better than cure, but when you have to cure you have to cure.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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