The Uniqueness Of The Soul And The Naturalness Of Cultural Diversity

When you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior, you are not glorifying Jesus. A President Of The United States could not accept Jesus Christ as the savior of 300 million Americans. You could not accept Jesus Christ as your cousin's savior on your cousin's behalf. Each person has to do it on their own, one at a time.

Why? Because your soul is unique in the history and future of time. There is only one of you. Unless you come to realize there is only one of you, accepting Jesus Christ as a Personal Savior is not even an option.

And the only soul you can save is your own. That applies to priests as much as anyone else. But spiritual workers can help, sure. And communities of prayer are pretty much indispensable to those striving to strengthen and deepen their faith.

It is about opening up your heart to God. The language is the language of love. Love is the lingua franca of both earth and Heaven.

The uniqueness of the soul is the eternal spiritual truth that is the basis for concepts of political and social equality.

The founders of America said, "all men are created equal." They did not claim to invent political equality. The equality had always been there. They merely discovered it. Like Newton did not create gravity. The gravity had always been there. Newton merely discovered it.

But even that equality comes later. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior allows you to conquer death. After you conquer death you become a person on earth. It is then that you seek equality.

Jesus built a bridge to Heaven, but he also created the person on earth. Such a person is capable of being part of complex political, social, economic processes. Peace and prosperity become possible on earth with such a person.

The uniqueness of soul and the naturalness of cultural diversity are two sides of the same coin. What happens when unique individuals form groups and spend time together? Cultures get formed. Each group ends up being slightly unique. Understanding the mechanism behind formations of cultural diversity will allow humanity to forge much higher levels of cooperation. Getting along will unlock new pockets of wealth. Love one another has pocket book implications. Only now we are talking scales and magnitudes of wealth creation that could not have been imagined by any previous generation.

The Devil does not want you to get along. That is the opposite of God wanting you to love one another. Racism is The Devil’s whispers. Sexism is The Devil’s whispers. The Devil stands between you and unimaginable riches right here on earth.

Pray-love-forgive makes sense between individuals, it also makes sense between groups.

Just like in getting to know a person you probably start by learning their name, make the effort to learn the collective identities they identify with and make some time to learn more about them.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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