There Is Enormous Drama To Love

That Lucifer fell and many angels fell with him is proof free will is for real, also for angels. Lucifer's fall is outstanding because he was created special, with enormous intellect, and special beauty. But pride got the better of him. Hubris is sin. Humility is the way to success and greatness and peace and plenty.

Love of God and love for God is the basic harmony of the universe. That's the essential music.

God did not create evil and suffering for the drama. God is a loving God. But God did create free will. It is not just any creation. Free will is God's prize creation. It is your free will that makes you capable of love. The angels that did not fall, they love God, it is real love, freely given.

It is true God is omnipotent and omniscient. You have free will but that does not mean God can not see where you are going with it.

Weather scientists are able to predict the weather to a small extent. That does not mean the weather elements are controlled by the weather scientists. And if they had powerful enough computers they could predict the weather much, much better.

God does not have those computer power issues. God is the Ultimate Intelligence, an intelligence beyond which no intelligence is possible or even necessary.

Besides, everything that is and ever will be is contained within the Holy Spirit. That also applies to the fourth dimension of time. God created that dimension, as all dimensions.

If Lucifer fell, does that mean Lucifer is not fundamentally created evil and bad? But of course. It is not the property of Lucifer to be evil. It is a choice he made, as the fallen angels with him. Lucifer is like a giant crane, this huge machine, that fell under its own weight.

Love of God and love for God is the basic harmony of the universe. That's the essential music. Lucifer decided to break that harmony around him, and he fell.

Do Lucifer and the fallen angels have the option to rectify the situation? Did humans? Do humans?

They do. But the formula is the same as for human beings. You repent, you ask for forgiveness. You learn to love all over again. You learn to love God.

In a happy scenario in a possible future where all human beings and all angels have come to the side of love, will that be a boring world with little drama?

Quite the opposite. Heaven is proof. There is enormous drama to love. It is a happy drama end to end.

God's love is so enormous and infinite, it also encompasses the fallen angels. God has had the option to simply destroy Lucifer anywhere along the way. But to do that would have been a statement against free will, His prize creation. When God created free will, He fully knew what he was creating, He knew where it might go, but He felt it was all worth it. Free will is His prize creation, for it is free will that makes love possible, and love is the lingua franca in Heaven, as it should be on earth.

Kumar: Wake Up To God