Water, Food

The world at large has to have a firefighter attitude towards the basics like water and food. And the best way to do that is by creating a world government. Bill Gates is doing as much as anybody on the frontlines of the war on poverty and disease and he feels, compared to the magnitude of the challenges, what he and others like him are doing are too little. What is needed is a proper world government. And I agree.

Everybody has a right to clean drinking water. The world produces enough food to feed everyone. The world needs to organize a network of community kitchens to feed everyone. The world needs to fund the digging of water wells everywhere.

Water and food are a big part of it. But then there still are problems of poverty and disease and basic governance.

The world is not moving fast enough to connect everyone to the Internet. Mobile money like in Kenya coupled with microfinance would go a long way. Fingerprint enabled voting on mobile devices would go a long way to enhance democratic participation. Energy is the big bottle neck to economic growth and advances in solar are promising.

God does not care if you worship Him if you do not play your part in taking care of the poorest of the poor.

Nobody should be denied access to drinking water. Nobody should be denied access to credit. Nobody should be denied the right to vote. Nobody should be denied access to the Internet.

And everybody has a right to a community of prayer. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats steal. And stealing is sin. God, ultimately, metes out perfect justice. Nothing anyone does stays hidden from God.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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