Who Is Lying? Jesus Or God?

Paramendra Bhagat
2 min readMay 16, 2016

To say you are the Son Of God is a tall claim to make. A taller claim is not possible.

Jesus did make that claim.

We also know no one else in any religious tradition whose historic existence can be verified has made the same claim.

If Jesus lied, he is the only such liar in history.

There are people who do believe in God, they even believe there is but one God, creator of all things Heaven and earth. But they don't believe He could birth a son on earth. He can create earth, He can create every single human being, but He can not birth His own son!

The same people might say, I believe in God, creator of all things Heaven and earth, but I will bet you a thousand dollars He could not smash the moon into smithereens. If He can, show me, give me evidence!

Meteor seen throughout New England

A Giant Meteor Flew Over Montreal Last Night “Those who saw it live claim that it looked like the moon fell out of the sky.”

I believe in God, the Creator of all things Heaven and earth, the creator of me, but there is no way He could have birthed His own son.

Who is lying?

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Japanese startup seeks to create artificial meteor shower



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