You Are Real

You are real. This world you see is real. Your body is real. Your mind is real.

It is true your soul is the permanent part of you. Your body ends at death. But that doesn't mean the body is not real. It is not permanent but it is real.

What you do with your body and mind impacts your soul. Otherwise sin would have no consequences.

Human beings have been created special. This earth has been created special.

Your body, mind, heart and soul are connected with each other.

People have struggled with the existence of the soul. Is there a soul? People have struggled with the nature of the soul. What is it like? Philosophers have taken wild guesses.

But there also have been people who have come to have a sure knowledge of the soul, but in the process have drawn some wrong conclusions about the body and the mind and this world. As if they are now supposed to withdraw from this world. That is not the intended conclusion.

On the other hand, because the soul is permanent but the body is not, one is to stay true to God regardless of what might happen to the body. Not poverty, not discomfort, not humiliation, not torture, not death, none of that has been any excuse to deviate from the path of being true to God. But hopefully those extremes can be put behind us for good.

God's ways are the ways of love, truth and justice.

In short, live a full life, live a happy life, provide for your family, do good and be good.

God is real. Heaven is real. Angels are real. This world is real. You are real. You are special. There is only one of you in all creation. God intends for you to be happy. God intends joy.

Eat. Sleep. Exercise. You are to take good care of your body. For your body is His temple. Your personal space is the only space, also in congregation, where you can hope to connect with God.

Educate yourself. Learn. The mind is precious.

Love. Forgive. Communicate.

Pray. Every day.

Drink plenty of water. Breathe deep.

Perform random acts of kindness.

Kumar: Wake Up To God

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