Connected Leadership Culture

Strong strategy lays a good platform for an enterprise but success of an organisation depends on various forces supporting it’s strategy implementation. One of the key force is “connected leadership culture”. Existence of effective connected leadership culture at various levels of the organisation, brings out true outcomes which in-turn helps in achieving organisation’s objectives. Those imbibed this culture do have very strong self motivated work force.

Organisation’s culture is an outcome of how we link our core values with leadership behaviours. But do the leaders always connect the dots to achieve organisation’s goal or is there a leeway. Is the goal clear at all levels and every employee including leaders are aware on how to contribute towards achieving it. If these two aspects are not effective then you often notice, the operational forces of the organisation find them somewhat disconnected with organisation’s strategy implementation. If this persists, it will enforce staffs to adopt a different culture of “unknown performance” irrespective of organisation’s employee value proposition is par excellent. Occurrence of this mainly linked to non existence of a culture to stay connected and multiple leaders derive their own futile objectives.

Connected leadership culture drives better performance and it helps in establishing clear objective at all levels of the organisation. Organisations having this culture will have one or more of the below elements

  • All levels of the organisation connected to same goal
  • Timely crisp and clear communication
  • Action plans to achieve the goal with timely decisive support
  • Established platforms not to promote disconnected ways of working
  • Instigate to have structured/lean processes
  • Authentic leadership
  • Ensure formal feedback loop on leadership
  • Empowered employees
  • Drive changes as per plan and hold staffs accountable
  • Keep the dots connected always

Enterprises may have very good strategic leaders but when you don’t foster to build strong enterprise first behaviour in every employee, then this will be a big hindrance for the enterprise. Adopting to connected leadership culture will help overcome most similar hindrances, as well as support implementation of strategic initiatives collaboratively. Enterprises having good connected leadership culture do create opportunities for highly motivated employees, who always prove themselves to be an asset for the enterprise because they do feel connected and self motivated. So to me, “Strategy makes the culture but culture drives strategy”

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