What is the purpose of the Vinyl Stair Nosing?

We are frequently asked what the purpose of vinyl stair nosing is and why it is such an essential piece of staircase design. Essentially, you can’t assemble a staircase without nosing — this is the name given to the plain edge of the treads, where we regularly put our feet as we stroll here and down the steps. There are various choices accessible, every one of them offering a lot of advantages.

Vinyl is best known for its waterproof properties, which makes it perfect for wet areas, for example, kitchens and washrooms. It is generally more affordable than hardwood floors, and this makes it ideal for vigorously trafficked areas of your home. So, if we use vinyl nosing in our home, it gives splendid design and comfort level to the individuals.

What Uses vinyl Stair Noising?

Vinyl stair nosing is perfect for educational facilities, commercial buildings, hospitals, stadium, movie theaters and so on. The visual impact of viny stair nosing is differentiate the edge of the step from the rest of the tread portion. It is installed at the edge of the stairs to add some measure of structural integrity, allowing the edges to remain whole even if they thread open with force. Additionally, it added extra inches so your feet won’t accidentally slip. Since stair nosing is available in nearly every home depot shop, it is highly recommended to have staircase professionals install them for you.

Benefits of Vinyl Stair Nosing:

Improved visibility: Research suggested that, fall sustained when descending stairs are leading cause of accidental injuries . That’s why stair nosing is being used at used staircases because it can actually improve the visibility of each thread.

Protect the stair case : Stair noising can shield your treads from damage and general wear. As this is the place where many people put their feet, it goes to reason that the edges are presented to critical amount of force. The event of less damage can mean less support down the track.

Expands the life expectancy of staircases not many individuals may see, but rather including nosing not just builds a stair’s auxiliary trustworthiness, avoids slipping mishaps, yet it also expands its overall lifespan.

No overhung : This choice is another that is quickly developing in popularity, either because that property holders need a consistent search for their staircase or they’re worried that alternate choices represent a stumbling risk. This nosing sits flush with the treads, making it famous in more current and contemporary homes.

What type of stair Nosing is best?

There are number of stair nosing available in the market, but the vinyl stair nosing is prominence because vinyl is the material which is water-resistant , durable and stand up well in the heavy traffic.

Moreover, it is also relatively less expensive as compared to other wooden material. As far as cleaning and maintenance goes, vinyl stair nosing need no maintenance after installing, you just clean with the dry and wet cloth periodically.

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