Everything You Need to Know About Motorized Paragliding

Motorized paragliding is also referred as powered paragliding, paramotoring or PPG. In this adventurous sport, the pilot wears a motor on the back. This motor provides the initial force that the pilot needs for flying. Paramotor can be launched in any weather condition. A pilot alone can fly his or her glider aircraft. They do not need any additional assistance for it.

Design of the Glider Aircraft:

A typical paramotor weighs 20 kilograms to 36 kilograms. However, the glider is strong enough to support the pilot while flying. A pilot needs to run for 10 feet for a perfect take off. While flying, a pilot can control his ride by using

1. Hand-held throttle for pitching

2. Brake toggles for rolling

Height and Speed

A pilot does not require any license for doing motorized paragliding in Cape Town or in most of the other cities of the world. A powered paraglider can fly up to 5,400 meters (18,000 foot) from the ground levels. But most of the flying take place under 150 meters (500 foot). A PPG can fly at a speed of 15 miles per hour. The maximum speed of PPG is 45 miles per hour. So one thing is clear here, Paramotoring is not for speed monsters. The sport is only for those who love to fly high.

The condition for Flying:

PPG can be launched from anywhere, even from the ground level. It has the ability to fly in the still air. But, pilots are suggested to take flight after considering the weather condition. The best time for paramotoring is late afternoon when the sun is low. Before going for PPG, it is important for fliers to make sure that the sky is bright blue and there is no chance of raining.

How Motorized Paragliding is Different than General Paragliding:

Paramotoring is done on a special type of paraglider. In general paraglider, there is no motor involved. But in the case of PPG, the pilot wears a motor on his or her back. This motor gives the initial push for flying. In the case of PPG, a pilot does not need to depend on the air flow. He or she can still fly the glider aircraft in the still air. Due to equipped with a motor, a PPG can be launched from the ground level.

Bottom Lines:

So here you came to know everything about PPG. It is true that in most of the countries a pilot does not require any additional licenses for Paramotoring. But beginner pilots are suggested to try general paragliding first. There are few service providers who offer Paragliding in South Africa or in other countries. You can try this recreational sport in this holiday season.