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With a bazillion ways to get in front of customers these days and constantly evolving technology, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by marketing ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ and end up doing nothing. But, is it really the newfangled technology or a missing skillset that’s holding you back… or something else?

Maybe you’ve got that email campaign ready, but you haven’t sent it out to your list. Or your website is mostly ready to launch, yet you’ve been sitting on it for weeks now. Perhaps you took a course on marketing funnels, followed it up with another one on how to…

The Jenga-like approach to managing self-imposed pressures in your business

While playing Jenga with my son the other day, I got to thinking about how very similar to the game our businesses (and lives) are.

(In case you’re not familiar with Jenga, it’s a stacking game where you have to pull out blocks from lower levels to build new ones on top without crashing the tower.)

They’re made up of relationships and tasks and commitments and dreams and experiences and skills all stacked together.

Layers upon layers.

Mostly organized. Mostly governed by repeating patterns of behavior.

When it’s time to level up, you have to make a change.

Something’s gotta…

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When it comes to launches, you often hear about the 6- and 7-figure ones, the ones that are equal parts glamorous and grueling and inspiring. So you do your own, launching a new program or service or app, perhaps at a much smaller scale, but nevertheless as challenging and hopeful.

Launches are hard work. The heavyweights will readily admit that even when they have teams behind them to help them pull it off in style and scale. You’re good with that. You put in the work. You might even hire some extra help. You give it your all.

And then……

During coffee one morning with two friends, each of them shared their struggles to secure funding and support for their projects. One woman has produced a cultural documentary that’s gathering dust while she looks for grants that would allow her to complete editing and market the film internationally. My other friend has grand plans to convert a defunct oil refinery into a solar farm but no local approval to move forward with the project.

Both of them are accomplished, articulate women with vision and powerful ideas for impact. So why are they challenged by a lack of interest in backing…

Imagine you’re looking to sign up for a new coaching service. Of the ones you’re considering, you read this program description:

“You’ll get an initial consultation, a one-hour coaching session each week for six weeks, and daily email support for the duration of the program.”

And a second one:

“During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your vision and strategize next steps so you walk away with a couple of immediate wins.

Then for the next six weeks, we’ll hone in on your purpose and create a doable action plan that will move you from sales stagnation into profitable momentum. …

How you can feel good about those who never want to hear from you again

I went through my email today deleting all of the names of my cold subscribers. I’d already run a scrub sequence to re-engage them so here I was left with those who truly needed to be let go. Not gonna lie, it was slightly painful.

As I continue to create more content, I’m putting more stuff out there more regularly to my email list. Considering I used to engage with my subscribers once or twice a year, upping the frequency is a good thing. But for every email I send, I get at least one unsubscribe, sometimes several. Since I…

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

As a creative professional, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients say, “Oh, I’m not that creative.”

But is that really true?

It depends on how you define creativity.

According to a recent report from LinkedIn, creativity is considered a soft skill and one of the top ones employers are looking for.

According to others, creativity is an innate way of looking at things, a mindset.

I believe it’s both. And I believe everyone is capable of fostering their own version of creativity.

Creativity is so much more than knowing how to place objects into aesthetically pleasing…

How do you get the kind of quiet confidence that comes from operating in your zone of genius?

Or experience the satisfaction of moving forward every day unencumbered by fears of exposure and failure?

How do you bust past the income ceiling you keep hitting year after year whether you have a team or you’re working solo?

In my many years of moderately successful self-employment, these are the questions that have plagued me.

Cue the backlog of courses, programs, podcasts, and books which could fill an entire university. …

I CAN HEAR HIM COMING from a half mile away. Amidst the chirps and chitters of kiskadees, parrots, and cuckoos, there’s a different sort of song, pealing like a church bell:



It’s Buddy, whom we affectionately refer to as the Coconut Man, ambling down the street with a wagonload of coconuts for sale. For $1 USD you can treat yourself to fresh young coconut water from one of the best marketers I’ve ever met.

Which is worse when it comes to marketing projects — crickets or confusion? When you’ve just spent loads of time and money on an initiative, whether you get no response or get prospects more confused than ever, it’s super disappointing. Frustrating. Overwhelming.

If you have more mess than message, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels or have to reinvent them every time you have to do marketing. That whole “So what do you do?” question turns you as tongue-tied as a kid on their first date. …

Lisa Mullis

Writer, designer, and marketer helping organizations talk their work with clarity so they grow their income and impact. www.paraphrasecomm.com

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