Say His Name: George Floyd

Approximating Humanity
Jun 1 · 2 min read

I’m not sure what the “right” thing to say about current events is. It certainly wasn’t my last post which evidently exhibited too much “white fragility” and has since been deleted. I try so hard to not offend anyone, but failed at that. Alas.

I think we scramble to say the “right” thing to align ourselves as not being with the racists because we happen to be white too. But we so often don’t get it as white people, so maybe it’s better to say nothing as to not offend anyone? But even saying nothing is wrong too, because silence is passive acceptance? What the fuck is anyone supposed to do? Nobody wins in this conversation. It’s so fucking difficult.

I am not emotionally cut out for the work of a social justice warrior. Social injustices simply weigh too heavily on my soul. Enter: my supposed white fragility. I used to work in politics (2009–2012) working on various social justice causes and got burned out. There is great pressure to get political right now, though. I feel like unless you’re using your Facebook as a platform for social change you’re seen as somehow not doing enough for BLM right now. Even if you ordinarily kept those platforms apolitical before. It’s not easy. But as someone (white) reminded me, it’s not meant to be comfortable. Nothing about this is meant to be comfortable.

The only way I am going to effect real change in this movement is by raising my daughter, Audrey Laine, to be a kind person toward all races. Why is it not enough anymore to just be better (and raise better people)? If we choose not to use our Facebook real estate for political diatribes, should we donate to a charity that supports the BLM movement instead?

Someone please tell me how to act right now because I genuinely do not know.

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