Who do you think you are kidding??

I often wonder how our forefathers managed to raise half a dozen kids or probably even more? These 21stcentury kids are smarter than the smartphones (might look like an exaggeration but hell yeah, it’s true!!). They grasp things super quickly and yes you cannot even in your wildest dreams think to fool around these tiny tots.

I remember what my son’s pediatrician told me when he was 8 months. He said “That’s it ! Don’t even try to trick him now. He has moved out of that age.” And I was like “Really? He is barely 8 months”. I actually laughed it out.

I have taught my son to take decisions on his own though he cannot take a call on my decisions. We all are different individuals and we all have a right to do what we wish to. I usually insist him to sleep in the afternoon so that he is not cranky in the evening. Most of the time he doesn’t agree to sleep and if I wish to take a small nap, he doesn’t allow me either. That’s where I tell him “You took your decision of not sleeping, fine. But please don’t decide for me whether I should sleep or not”. The other day when he was playing with his friends, I informed him that the playtime is over and we should go back home. He immediately turned to me and responded “Mum, you only said we don’t have to decide for each other. You please don’t decide for me. I wish to play more”.

I was tongue-tied. Took some time to regain myself and then thought any individual whether it be a toddler, teenager or an adult should be given an opportunity to take his/her own decision. No matter if they are wrong, but the decisions would belong to them. Let them learn from their own mistakes and over a period of time, they will certainly refine their decision making ability.

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Originally published at parenthics.wordpress.com on February 19, 2016.

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