How to Get Back into Your Body Shape Post Pregnancy

After the birth of the baby, every mother is concerned about how to lose all the weight and when to get started? Ideally, as early as 4–6 weeks after delivery is good time to start.

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy and so is keeping yourself fit. Walk around, do mild exercises and eat healthy.

Post-delivery, breastfeeding is a natural, safe and quick way of shedding the excess calories. One can shed around 500–700 calories a day.

Do’s and Don’ts Post Pregnancy:

Say no to fried, spicy, sugary and junk food, as well as fad diets that eliminate entire food groups. Instead, aim to eat a variety of lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of low-fat dairy products. Munch on healthy and nutritious foods such as:

  • Salads and cereals.
  • Lean meats such as egg, chicken or fish which are good source of proteins. Vegetarians can prefer a variety of lentils.
  • Prefer whole-grain flour products and refrain from refined flour snacks.
  • Add plenty of fresh fruits in your diet. Fibers will help fill you without adding excess calories.
  • Have low-fat dairy products. They are a good source of calcium that aids weight loss.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.

Space your meals. Have small frequent meals and do not skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of your diet plan.

Set your weight targets:

Set a practical weight loss target to achieve. Start with some simple exercises. Pilates and Yoga may help you gain strength and flexibly. You can also choose aerobic exercises such as swimming, biking, running. But, before you start, consult your doctor to check if your uterus has healed after pregnancy delivery. If ever you have pain, short breathe, stop!

Get plenty of rest. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have the energy to keep yourself moving through your waking hours, much less want to work out or get your exercise.

Most importantly, you should give your body enough time to recuperate and restore its normal processes. The weight may not fall off as quickly as you would like, but if you stick to it and follow the guidelines above, you will ultimately please yourself. Slow and steady almost everyone gets back into shape.