You are Always Laughing in my Dreams

I let my pen freely write, not ever thinking of the words it jots down, for I believe my words are free to venture into worlds where no human foot could step, where no human façade could mask their true identity or meaning. -Uriel

Like the Moon in a Dark Night

You Erase all my nightmares with your Warm Smile

Then why is that smile only in my Dreams

Why is that all I watch are just painful Screams

If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have known Love

Never been able reach the skies above

But when I see you crying as you stand alone

I curse my chained hands, look how helpless they’ve grown

You are everything to me, And I’m everything to you

Still Fate keeps us apart no matter what I do

Your love weighs me down with Wings of Steel

But I’ve vowed to only care about how you feel

So even if this steel kills me, I’ll still fly

To capture the stars of Hope from this empty Sky

Still is this Dark sky all you can see, my Love

Because I feel there’s an Ocean of Happiness above

So I’ll break this sky apart, before my memories elude

Because a grounded bird is nothing but food

I will cry when ripped apart with Screams

But at least you’re always Laughing in my Dreams

The Fairy Tale I was living, died years Ago

But I still hoped she will smile and bliss will Show

The Stagnant Gardens of Blood Confined Us

As we started plucking thorny Roses of Lust

With the Insides of Ice My Heart was Cold

Crystalline Elegance that always stood Bold

But deceived by Infinite Beauty that I ate the Apple

Cupid pierced me with a Thousand Blades of Metal

And the Ice was shattered into Crimson Blood

This Warm Love in Solitude like a Lotus in Mud

I didn’t get to the Flower nor did I stood on Land

My Pride was Broken and I was drowning in Sand

I saw you Crying as you floated above by Cupid’s Spell

I cried too as this Tragic Love cursed me to Hell