How to write your ad so that it sells

Amit Kumar Parashar
Jan 12 · 3 min read

First of all, you need to know that people ONLY buy to get the benefits. So it makes sense to make a list of all the benefits someone can get.

Then you have to remember that the benefits are usually pretty empty, unless you have the facts and characteristics that support the benefits that these nations get. So make a list of all supporting functions that make the benefits credible.

Now you need to weave your story together to present the benefits and features together so they want to hear everything.

How to write your ad so that it sells

Use “interfaces” that move your customers from one idea to the next to interweave the story. Connections like “It Means”, “Plus”, “And”, “You May Wonder” etc.

Finally, you have to import a “CTA” (Call to Action). If you get them inspired by your product or service, tell them what to do to get them.

The reason why you want to do all of this is that a written sales message that works all day. Not like subscribed providers who get bored after 20 calls. Your written sales message can be sold at 2 a.m.

Don’t be afraid of a long message. Why? Because not “people” but interested people are hungry for information. You need it to buy it.

Use these ideas in your ads, blogs, websites, direct mail, etc. This will benefit you.

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There are two ways to be lazy marketer.

One option is to use a short copy that says next to nothing, and I hope they put the parts together and see the reason to buy whatever you sell. This is a quick way to get anywhere.

Another way to be a “lazy marketer” is to provide the perfect SALES INFORMATION. Now it’s a bit of a hassle to create a letter or sales message that enables a perfect SALE. Once that’s done, you can “cut and paste” with just 2 clicks.

Remember that “people” won’t read your long history of “sales” … but you don’t market to “people”, do you?

Instead, market “OUTLOOK” !!!!! And “prospects” are always on the lookout for information and read Nothing for Sale ad copies as long as they are interesting and useful. For example, you are still reading this post, so I can assume that you are an “opportunity” for my typing services.

If they are not really “potential”, they will not read any of your messages and then fool them. I have a sales letter that I sometimes send to new contacts. (I’m lazy.) So just to connect this new connection, this message “congratulations” hugged me. “I’m not impressed,” he said. But he counted the songs that showed he was reading them.

If you need help with your marketing, you can find me here on LinkedIn:

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