Whether your goal is to lose some fat, build muscle or endurance these are the top five workouts that everyone should incorporate in their routine to achieve maximum benefits and achieve their fitness goals. However, many beginners fall in the trap of jumping from basics to advance fancy exercises very soon. As a beginner your focus should be on compound exercises (exercises that involves more than one muscle group. For example, bench press is a multi joint exercise since shoulder and elbow joints are working together) which would provide you a stronger lower and upper body as well as a strong base. Here are some of the best beginner exercises that you simply cannot ignore;

Squat is one of the staple exercise in any fitness routine and most favorite moves among power lifter, body builder and various athletes. It helps you not only to have a stronger lower body but also a strong core (abs), flexibility, increased vertical jump and the Brazilian butt (gluteus)that every women is after. It also helps in increased hormone release and also teaches various body parts to work stronger as a single unit.

A recent study found that weighted squats can help postmenopausal women with osteoporosis or osteopenia improve their bone mineral density in the spine and neck by 2.9% and 4.9%, respectively (in addition to boosting their strength levels by over 150%).

Whether your goal is to lose some fat or build muscle; dead lift is one of the most effective exercise which works on your upper as well as lower body. Dead lift helps to develop your core strength, improve hand-grip, power, stronger back, overall strength and size. Well if you have not added it to your routine then you probably should. Dead lift simply cannot be ignored!

When it comes to building shoulders; neglecting this exercise would be the worst mistake that you can probably make. It involves not only your shoulders but also your upper back, triceps and core. However, standing presses involve your stabilizing muscle but if you have a shoulder issue then choose a dumbbell over barbell.

How much do you bench? well one of the most prominent fitness question that every guy is curious about. It helps to develop your chest, triceps and shoulders. Moreover, bench press helps to load your muscle with the heaviest load possible and strengthen your upper body as well as grip strength.

For gym-goers over 40 of years’ of age, compound movements like the bench press prevent age related loss of muscle (sarcopenia), increase bone density and prevent and relieve arthritis pains. Stronger muscles also prevent cartilage from wearing out.

The toughest exercise for every beginner; pull up. You can perform many variations of the pull up such as close grip, wide grip, neutral grip, reverse grip (chin up) and increase your grip strength. It helps to build your back, traps, shoulders, arms and grip. If you want a V-tapper pull up are a must.

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