Dashian has kicked in and we all know what time it is? yes, it’s time to gain some extra few pounds. Well, basically your schedule will be revolving around family obligations, friends, tempting treats and festive outings. Most gym’s probably would be closed and people tend to set aside their fitness routines. Well my point is, rather than feeling guilty and making the fitness center pack after holidays, why not enjoy the holidays and stay fit at the same time. If you want to stay fit during this holiday season then here are a list of my favorite useful tips that might help you;

It’s the time of month to have some fun, and food is one of the most prominent factor of dashian culture. But, that doesn’t mean going over the top and eating till death. The key is to have food and drinks and have a great time with your loved one’s but, in moderation. Remember, it’s better to have one scoop of ice-cream rather that three huge scoops of ice-cream or one glass of beer rather than knocking yourself out.

This is where people go mad and munch down countless of sweets and ruin their entire moderation. Well it’s hard to resist those chocolate dripping astries but if you cannot avoid them at least make sure you have them in moderation.

Drinking plenty of water keeps hunger at bay for as long as possible. Studies suggest that drinking water consistently throughout the day can lead to a greater metabolism. Moreover, it has zero calories and drinking cold water will increase the “thermic effect” of food. ( Thermogenesis is the process of heat production by the body). So, it helps you burn more calories at rest.

The point is it doesn’t have to be the gym. You can walk, Zumba, play soccer with your kids, play futsal with your friends, cycling. My point is be active and proactive. But it’s optimal to have a short burst of home workout and staying fit during the festive season. Well these are a list of the best 5 workouts that you can do at your home;

Dashian is synonymous to shopping. It’s the time to wear some new clothes and dazzling shoes. However, it might be hectic to shop and eventually it washes you out leaving you hungry. As a result you end up consuming more than what you need. Therefore, it’s best to eat something before you head out which will keep you full, decrease your temptations and avoid unwanted calories.

It’s common to wake up till midnight during festive season but make sure you don’t stretch it for too long. Make sure you get plenty of rest.

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