The First Time you Held your Dad’s Finger to walk

Do you remember the first day your father helped you stand and the way he walked you through the lawn and the floor of your living room when you were a toddler? There cannot be a feeling of learning the basic of life in the way your father taught you. Now that we are grown up, we forget to thank our father who had been our teacher, mentor, and guide during the initial phase of our lives when a strong foundation is to be laid. Whoever we are today, all credits go to our parents. In this part, how can we miss to mention the teachers who taught us the ABC of alphabet?That zeal to teach the students in a mission to build the basic foundation is dying and corroding. For a change The Paras World School is pioneering in this respect by providing the basics of life that should be the first few steps towards a successful life(not career because it’s a phase of life and what is the use of a successful career if the life is not a perfect balance).

This new top school in gurgaon follows the old school pedagogy with a combination of modern technology. The Paras World School’s mentoring is out of the world. They have been setting examples for other educational institutions by offering the basic education in the most influential manner. Their teaching techniques involve a lot of extracurricular pertaining to subjects and intelligent quotient. If you are looking for the best education for your kid in Gurgaon, Paras is the name you can trust for all the good reasons.

Once a house in built and later you realize that the foundation wasn’t strong, will it be easy to dismantle and construct it. Well, time is what will be required and as they say” Time and Tide waits for none”. So utilize the time to inculcate the best learning in your kids by finding the best Gurgaon school that not only looks after the academic excellence but for the all-round development too. Recently, I met a kid of third standard of The Paras World School, Gurgaon and out of curiosity I happened to ask her a question on environment. I was astonishingly taken aback when she explained in her lisping tone how the environment is important to us and why we should preserve it. That I believe explains a lot about the school’s teaching technique. One can easily mug up an answer but knowing about things around you is a big deal and if that is nurtured in a child, you hit the bull’s eye.

Academic excellence is imbibed by the kids from the various labs for computers, English, Science, Music studio and many more. It is true that a school is not known by its building, it is the students. If the students are gems, it is the school’s staff that makes that happen. For the best teachers and extra-ordinary teaching methodology, The Paras World School is the key to your kid’s overall development. This is my view to what I have observed reading and entering the school premises. If you get an opportunity, I suggest you should visit and know it for yourself as seeing is believing as trust me the school is synonym to the holding of a father’s finger.