Drone Wingmen for Japanese Fighter Jocks
War Is Boring

Another day another poorly thought military idea from “generals” . So let me make this quick:

1-) “… The F-3, a possible development of the ATD-X technology demonstrator that flew its first test flight in April 2016, could enter service in the 2030s ….”

ATD-X is just a “testbed”, it will never see combat. It is only there to test electronic technologies and some sub systems they had no experience in. You can tell that by looking at it and seeing how terrible it’s aerodynamics are. It is fat, wings are smaller, no lifting-body design, terrible cockpit design. But of course if need something that has enough space in it to test some systems, of course makes sense

2-) “ …Japan will “acquire high-autonomy technology to realize an unmanned wingman for the F-3 in 15 to 20 years,”

Seriously, they should just spend that money into the replacement fighter F-3, Japanese spend less to defense as it already is, if you divide money any more than F-3 may stuck in development and may be canceled.

3-) “… The graphic implies that the Combat Support Unmanned Aircraft could perform several roles, perhaps simultaneously. It could function as a sensor platform, an airborne arsenal and a decoy. …”

Yeah about that… would they also be so kind to explain how “a single pilot” is supposed to command his plane and 3 (or possibly more drones) at the same time in active combat ? Even today with all the automation, plots still struggle to focus on their own tasks and longer range aircraft requires a secondary crew member (RIO), because all these tasks are too much for one man. Don’t believe me ? Go ask a professional strategy game player who needs command many units at the same time during a play. They look like they ran 20 miles nonstop after an hour of gaming and they are not even in cockpits…

4-) All these data links are vulnerable to jamming and worse “hacking” ! China who hacks the crap out of all goverment facilities and even steals data from defense companies online will probably be more than happy to turn these cute little toys against you “in combat” . Then you will be outnumbered 3 to 1 just against drones. And if you put Chinese aircraft numbers goes up to 5 to 1. Good fricking luck…

5-) “… A third robot draws an enemy air-to-air missile away from the F-3. …”

Seriously how cheap you think these things gonna be you think that you will be able to use them as a shield ? If high tech drone program costs are any indication (US and UK’s drones) they can be anywhere between % 30 to % 75 of the plane they are following ! This is no way a cheap subsititute for jamming or outmanuvering a missile. Also the more expensive they are less of them you will have and their reason of existence; increasing numbers; will be moot.

6-) “… “The F-16 is a fourth-generation fighter, and pair it with an F-35, a fifth-generation battle network node, and have those two operating together.” …”

Completely lie. Due to incompetency of USAF still today F-16s can only talk with F-16s, F-15s can only talk with F-15s and F-35… sorry it has yet to learn to talk…

7-) “… With sophisticated sensors and weapons and “smart” control algorithms, the Combat Support Unmanned Aircraft and Loyal Wingman could help Japan and the United States to address a growing fighter gap with China. …”

JUST… BUILD…. MORE …FIGHTERS…. I hope that helped…