Modern russian fighters for sure can have even better subsonic ITR, but are very bad energy savers…
Francesco Ganzetti

Hi Francisco. Thanks for your answer. It is always nice to see another enthusiasist of fighter designs :D

Current best aerodynamic Russian design would be Su-35 and Mig-35 series, itself not having canards should pretty much be free from the penalties of trioplane approach.

In fact in T-50 (PAK-FA) they are using “moving vortex generators” instead of canards that pretty much has positives of canards but not the negatives (drag etc.)

Also as far as I know Su-27 had negative stability (in fact it had the first operational Russian fly-by-wire system) and from Mig-29M onward Fulcrums series also had negative stability and fly by wire (they displaced the engines to the back a bit which sifted center of gravity quite away from lift center, making it unstable)

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