The Nuclear-War Tank Came at Exactly the Wrong Time
War Is Boring

Possibly the most uninformed piece on this site.

First of most of the piece is about heavy tanks (IS series) and not about Object 269 itself.

Second; main points of this tank was it’s large gun,hull shape and very low ground pressure. These are all still virtues for an MBT to have even today’s battlefield.

The problem was to use just ballistic steel which made it a bit heavier (compare Object 269’s 60 tonnes with Centurion’s 51 tonnes and Chieftain’s 55 tonnes ! ), today would be easily solved with use of composite materials (which offer very close protection with lower weight) . The turret could easily accept 125 mm standard soviet main gun caliber and weight could even be reduced further by an autoloader (of which since 1964 all Soviet tanks had) This gun would also launch ATGMs like T-72 an other models, which “genius” Krushchev would want.

Third: That whole “guided missile tank destroyer” concept ended in a huge failure. Just google “ M60A2 Starship” and have fun. This only shows when designing complex vehicles “political genuises” should step away.