I find a metaphor in everything

After carefully unfolding the delicate paper lantern, I fixed the solid fuel bar on the wire loop .

My father’s lighter was ready but I stopped him for I forgot to attach my wishlist . I stapled it on one edge and was ready to see my aspirations soar high.

He lit the lantern and it was ready to go up and high but suddenly a gust of wind blew and burned one side of it.

I was heartbroken. As the lantern sank to the ground, so did my heart. Maybe my wishes were too unrealistic. Maybe they were not to come true.

But suddenly the lantern started rising again. Everyone was shocked .

I smilingly bid my wishes a goodbye for they should soar very high.

Perhaps that lantern was a metaphor of my life. I will sink. All hopes will be lost . But I have to have faith in me and my wishes. They will come true but not without any pain afterall, no pain — no gain.

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