The Way I See It Is

I stand firm with my principles in life. I live by a certain code that over time has developed into who I am. What I am known for. People who know me, know this. Those that don’t, learn immediately. It isn’t the most effective way to live and it doesn’t get me far either. That doesn’t mean I will let my character waive just to make my life more comfortable though. It’s an all in thing and it has remained consistent with me and it will forever. Because the way I see it is, it’s:

"All or Nothing or it was All for Nothing."

I believe that if you will not answer my questions or show me that my view is wrong, then for the time being that is the most logical choice. It doesn’t mean it is right, it just means a challenge to it has yet to be presented. I do not think I am wrong in my view towards the world. Necessarily. They may be flawed. But, they are not wrong. This also does not mean I am better than anyone. Or that I am right. Because the way I see it is:

“It’s not that I want to be right, I just don’t want to be wrong."

I acknowledge the challenges that people encounter and value their commitment to learn or overcome them. The issue I have is the lack of preparation on their part. If I have a confident stand in a subject I will debate. If you don’t? STFU and listen. I’m not out to prove myself right. I’m not out to prove you wrong. I’m just trying to find the best available truth. Because the way I see it is:

"Until something is a fact, the truth is bound to change."

Black...or...white. There is no gray area in life. That is the plane of existence where doubt lives. When a man stands for something it means he has, at the very least, started to build a foundation of who he is. What he is known for. More importantly what he is and will be remembered for. He is in the process of doing others a service by eliminating doubt for them, through his reputation. This all is based on his past actions. Not words. His actions. This is the process of character development. It allows another to describe him and his beliefs without having to say a word. If you intentionally waste a Man’s time? You are disrespecting him. It’s that simple. Without any justfied reason, you are saying that their time is less valuable than yours. By lack of preparation, one’s time is spent developing a poor code of self ethics. Little or no developed character shows a lack of respect towards others who have done so, out of the respect for others. It’s not about respecting me, but a sign of disrespect you are showing by the lack of preparation you have taken to respect yourself or to demand respect from others. Because the way I see it is:

"Those who demand respect, are the ones that command respect."

One characteristic that leads the process of my outlook is that I refuse to allow gray area. It’s black. Or it’s white. It’s really that simple. The rest is just...Filler. Fluff. Fake shit. Lies above all else. You are or you are not. It is or it is not. Weak people who have yet to believe in something or themselves allow this "gray area" to be accepted as a valid source to justify an end result. Excuse makers. Making them a fraud. Other names are hypocrite, con-artist, again the worst of all of them...Liars. They are a living doubt all themselves. The more doubt you create, the more you destroy your creditability. The use of lies does nothing but create doubt, in order to advance only your interests. You are selfish and the pity that you ask for when the world comes full circle is a pathetic and a desperate cry for sympathy that only shows how weak you really are. No one is that dumb and the fact that we allow ourselves to believe that another is...shows just how dumb we really are.

The less doubt that we create, the more that the truth and lies can separate.

Because the way I see it is: 
"You’re rather dumb, 
playing dumb,
or you’re a part of it. 
And to be honest,

I DO not BELIEVE that