The Karmic Release: Attempt 1

Your challenges. My advice. Our Loss.

(February 2017)

…What I can’t get rid of and am forced to hold onto weighs far more than that which you coldly dismiss and leave behind to forget. As it is easy to remove that which wasn’t ever real, out of memory and existence. I pray you don’t know the weight of its reality.

Some will actually learn to accept that they may never heal, but this is an attempt to allow you to. In a sense. The most important thing and genuinely meant most is:

“Know that you are worth it. Always was and will be worth the fight to always be as well.

At least through these eyes.

You have been and are loved, and that you have the power to create your own destiny. In at least one person’s eyes you were God’s most perfect creation. Though it may not be fact to some, it was a truth to one. In the end the truth is what matters and what will be your greatest guiding power. Don’t forget who you are and always remember “The Secret.”

Any decision you make in your life, whether a new job, a move, new education, people will have their opinions. Some will like it and others will not. You cannot always make other people happy. The only thing you can do is try to solve the problems in your own life.

You are going to come to see that the decisions you’ve made are going to affect your life, whether fortunately or unfortunately. This all is dependent on the intentions of the ideas, decisions and actions you have manifested. How you treated others, how you left a mark in their life will determine the challenges that you are going to face. This is far deeper than just facing the truth of your past. You know the truth, and so do others. Though many will not say it, the burden you placed on yourself is the burden you must put deep thought and effort into understanding.

Your challenge to overcome the questions of why negative occurrences repeat itself in your life is by far the most humbling reality check you will face. Until then, until you right your wrongs in life and admit the true intentions of your acts, will you be able to finally initiate a path to which you will find the happiness you are deserving of.

The reasons, setbacks and hardships that constantly occur in your life is because you constantly battle your conscience and what it is trying to get you to finally deal with. Your thoughts become your life. If you are a liar, you will be lied to. If you abuse another and treat them with intent to hurt, you are going to find yourself in like situations. In the same sense when you, from pure intent, do good for another it will come back to you and bring more positive gifts in your life.

People may forget what you said to them and they may forget what you did to them , but they will never forget how you made them feel.

They will never stop feeling the pain that you caused regardless of how much time passes. It affects them and how they go about life, forever altering their course, rather for better or for worse. In turn multiplying your influence on their life. The longer you ignore your affect, the greater the factor in which it holds you back.

The truth between you and another is their pain and your untold story, your burden.

You were given beauty, beyond the likes of which I had never seen before. You, at your core have a spirit, heart and mind that truly deserves the love and happiness in which you desire and deserve. The influence you allow in your life that you let change who you really are will eventually mold you into a person you never were to become and causing you to forget who you really was at one point in time. This life is short, and is meant to be shared. Not many you meet truly are out for your better purpose. If you bow to your carnal urges they can and will shape your future for the negative, and you will never develop meaningful relationships in your life, leaving you feeling empty and ashamed of the time you wasted.

Nature speaks to you and will eventually consume you if you ignored its communication. You know right from wrong and have a universal code of ethics instilled in you. Don't ignore it, hurting others in the process. If you were to think of others and how they would view you would you be proud or ashamed? Would you want it done to you? Did you establish yourself for another or just use them for your own advancement. For every step you took by taking from another sets them two steps back in their life. They don't get the luxury of why either. Leaving them the decision as to whether or not to remain a giving person or to do the same unto others as you did them. Thus, making the world a worse place.

Remember who you were, realize who you are and decide who you were to be rather than who you are becoming.

You were given every gift to succeed and live a fulfilling life while also affecting other’s lives for the better. Don’t waste it making excuses.

Every day is a new chance and an exchange for a day of your life. Make it count. It is the youngest you're ever going to be from that moment on. In this lifetime or...until forever ends.